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Well, that happened

I took some time away from my blog in hopes that I would get my act together in reference to food and fitness, and possibly start my own company, but that didn’t happen.

I’m not any lighter today than when I stopped blogging. My company dreams were also pushed off due to the price of real estate. It’s outrageous! They’re not completely dead, just need to be modified a bit.

I have continued to run races, including 3 half marathons (1 DNF). I will update with those blog posts soon. Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m still around…and I’m sorry I left for so long!

Oh, and I started a new class called Fit by Cathy Zielske, that has been a blessing so far! This week, I’m down 2lbs…let’s hope the trend continues!

I’ve missed you guys!

Where have you been?

Yep, I’ve been gone for quite a while. No excuse other than I’ve been lazy. I have been busy though and plan on updating my posts as I get time and photos and stuff.

I’ve gained back just about all the weight I’ve lost. I’m not happy about that, but apparently I’m not ticked off enough because I’ve had a tough time getting my eating back in order and working out regularly again. My breathing is bad right now, which makes me not want to workout. Working out when you can’t breathe is much more of a chore! I have a doctor’s appointment on April 3rd though and I’m hoping to get my next dilation scheduled so I can breathe again.

I also need to get my diet in order. Whole foods is the aim with 80/20% rule. 80% natural whole foods and 20% not. My friend, Amy is kicking butt on a new challenge so I can’t be left in the dust! More to come soon!

Texas Marathon, Kingwood 2014

This past year has been a tough year of running for me. I started really training for the marathon in August but then broke my foot. I kept running on it for a few weeks, refusing to believe I had broken it. Alas, wishes don’t always become a reality. So, for 8 weeks I was in a boot. When I was finally released I determined to catch up with my training (I said determined, not smart!).

The furthest distance I went (walking because my running endurance was shot) was 17 miles. Boy oh boy did I get some horrible blisters. I bought new socks and shoes hoping that would fix the blister issue. My running Coach, Liz, recommended I just do the 1/2 this year. However, elephants are my favorite animal and I decided if I was ever going to do the full (I’ve done 2 1/2’s) the year of the elephant had to be it.

Race morning I was extremely nervous but determined to finish. I had a plan to walk so I didn’t use up my energy too early on and to change my socks at the 1/2 way point to hopefully avoid blisters. After the first loop I realized I was going quite slow so I tried to speed it up some. I kept thinking “just drop to the 1/2…it doesn’t mean you’re weak,” but I wanted to finish the marathon.

After I completed the second lap I sat down to change my socks and saw how large the blisters on my heels and other areas. That deflated me even more, yet I was still determined to finish. My feet were hurting, horribly. My time kept slowing down and my husband was already done. Again, I thought “just take the 1/2”. At this point I had completed the third loop and figured I had gone this far, it’s just one more loop. However, I stopped to give my feet a break and posted that I didn’t want to do it anymore because my feet hurt and I was tired on Facebook but my friends and family were very supportive and motivating so off I went again.

My last loop was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My blisters popped, which hurt like tar but eventually actually felt better. The water stations had long closed but they left water out, which I appreciated. I got to the turnaround to head back to the finish and the people were gone. I figured they had a long day and weren’t going to wait for the last person anyway. But then I got to the water station after the lake and it was gone. I started to panic that I had missed it. The race was over and I was too late, but I kept trudging along. My garmin died about mile 22.

I was hurting and just wanted to stop. I didn’t want to do the marathon anymore I just wanted to be done! I knew there was another water station just about a mile away that had a ton of water so I’d get some there. When I got there Steve Boone (the race coordinator) was there picking up the water. I about lost it. I just knew it was over at that point. All that work for nothing. I asked Steve if the race was done and he said “The minute I kick someone off the race course is the minute I stop doing this.” Of course, I was a bit emotional and trying not to cry. While he was getting me some water and I was fighting tears he said “No crying, there’s no crying in marathons!” (I beg to differ). I was able to suck it up and keep the tears from falling (too much).

I pushed on and saw my husband at about mile 25. I was never so happy to see him! Even though he was sore from his marathon, he walked out to meet me and walk me back in. He told me Steve, Paula (his wife and another coordinator), and a few volunteers were at the end and had my medal and squeezy elephant waiting for me. I was excited to get an elephant since it was first come first serve and I knew I was last!

When I finally saw the clubhouse again, my stomach jumped. It was probably 5:20…almost closing time for the park. Everyone left cheered me on and even though there wasn’t a finish line any longer (they had cleaned up because they had to leave the park at dusk!) Steve and Paula presented me with the medal and elephant. Words cannot describe how happy I was (even though I was fighting back tears). The finish line may not have been there and I finished after most everyone went home, but I WAS a marathoner! Steve and Paula made me feel special when most of my hope had been drained and my friends, family, and God gave me the strength to keep pushing. My official time is 9:27:05. Slow but not so bad for someone who only made it 17 miles during the short training time they had! Mike’s finish time was 3:44:31, 15 minutes better than his last!



In a Funk…

So, I haven’t exactly been eating the best foods but I haven’t been gorging either. Most days I’m at a small deficit (20 cals) or slightly over. Technically, I should be hovering around the same weight maybe gaining a little bit. However, this morning I was up 4lbs…FOUR pounds. I know I didn’t eat that much. I even did a pregnancy test today to make sure that’s not why I’m gaining weight. It was negative…thankfully!

I started a new weight lifting program 4 weeks ago and since I started that I’ve been gaining steadily. I thought maybe it was muscle, but now I’m pretty sure it’s the actual program itself. Before I was doing a lot of full body lifts that kept my heart rate elevated, now I’m doing bicep curls and flys and those just don’t up the heart rate! Therefore, the only conclusion I can come to is that I’m not burning as many calories as I was with my other program because I’m not getting as much of a cardio workout. That being said, I will be going back to doing full body lifts again.

I’ve also decided to start writing my food down on paper again. MyFitnessPal has been great for tracking, but I’ve gotten to the point where I just check off the same stuff and hit save without really considering what I’m eating. If I have to write it down, it will force me to put more thought into it again. This won’t be a long term thing, I don’t think, just something to get my head back in the game.

Amy challenged me not to eat Chipotle or Panera Bread for lunch for 2 weeks. This is going to be hard…I love leaving the office for lunch and love me some Chipotle or Panera! But, I’m going to try my best to do it and we’ll see if that helps as well with the scale.

This week is QuiltCon, and I’m staying about 3.5 miles away from the venue. I’m hoping I can walk there and back but we’ll have to see. I’m going with my Aunt and I’m not sure she’ll want to walk that. If not, maybe I can leave a little early and meet her there. I won’t be able to get my weights in, but at least I’ll get plenty of walking in!

I also owe y’all a post about the Hot Chocolate 5K. Will try to get that to you by tomorrow!


Fun Times!

My husband hates having his photo taken, so when he gave me my birthday present of studio family portraits I was floored. My husband was paying someone to take photos of him and me…together? We went in to meet with Mindy Harmon and discuss what we wanted for our pictures (backgrounds, poses, etc.) a few weeks ago. Finally, the day was here!


Mike and I loaded up the car with a few changes of clothes and set off for the studio.



Needless to say the experience was interesting. Mike enjoyed it being in the studio so strangers weren’t watching as we posed outside.



I enjoyed watching Mindy try to make Mike look/act normal for the shots. She had her work cut out for her and lived up to the challenge. Well played, Mindy, well played.