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IQF Goodies!!

Today celebrates 5 years that my Aunt Linda and I have been going to the International Quilt Festival! We had a fantastic day of shopping and looking at some marvelous artwork. I will be writing a more thorough post tomorrow, but wanted to share what I picked up today!

I really wanted to take one of the antique thread displays home with me, but they’re still running $700-$3000 and I’m still not willing to pay that much! They are gorgeous though.

I did pick up some new polka dot fabric. Have I mentioned how much I love polka dot fabric?! (deja vu) I have a vague idea of what I’m going to do with these beauties but I need to finish my other WIPs (work in progress) first.

We also saw a presentation about this foam (soft and stable) that makes your bags stand up instead of flop down on the table. This in turn makes them look more like they’re store bought instead of whipped up in the extra bedroom! I’ll give it a try first and if I like it then I’ll buy the bigger package as it’s not cheap! This package was about $14.00.

Last, I got this lovely bracelet with a Texas bell. Now, I jingle when I move! Aunt Linda got one too and we’re going to add a bell for each year we’re at the festival. We have 4 more to go to catch up to our 5 years!

All in all it was a good day! More tomorrow.

Quilting Gnomes and I’m an Idiot

It’s getting close to the weekend…what does that mean? That means I can finally get back to making Dakota’s new quilt so I can hopefully have it done by Christmas this year (outlook not looking so good at this point in time!). When I went to visit with them last time I asked him if he’d want a new quilt because HE brought up his old one. So, now that I think he’s at an age where he can appreciate it and not make me cry by throwing it over the couch and looking for toys, I figured it’s time to get him a proper quilt!

Unfortunately, I’ve been very slow to get this puppy done. My online quilting bee helped make some of the blocks. Which was a time saver for me! I then scheduled a WIP date with my Aunt so she could help me finish up the blocks (only needed 24 more). It’s always more fun when you can visit with friends while sewing anyway! We finished all of the blocks on 8/17 and I put them away in a Ziploc bag.

Today, yes a whole 2 months later, I’m finally getting around to laying the blocks out so I can get it put together. I don’t want too many of the same type of blocks together so I wanted to lay it all out on the floor and re-arrange them as needed. Since I have more room (and less dog hair!) at work, I brought the bag with me this morning and set to work!

You notice anything wrong? Yep, I’m missing a block! Apparently the Quilting Gnomes were tired of my slow progress and decided to punish me by making me do extra work.

I went ahead and labeled them all since I was pretty happy with the layout, I’ll just have to make a new block to plug in there.

I folded my quilt blocks up and shoved them back in the Ziploc bag fuming that I have to make another block instead of just whipping these together. Sat down at my desk to write this post when I noticed something. I’m an idiot. Yep, I’m a full blown idiot. Let’s look at this post again…. Shoot, I’ll make it easier for you:

I was using a 7×7 (49 block) layout this morning when I should have been using an 8×6 (48 block) layout. *headsmack* Now, it’s back to the drawing board and I have to spend another hour getting the layout right…again. While I feel like a schlub, I’m glad that the mystery of the missing block has been solved and I apologize to any quilt gnomes I may have offended by my accusations.

Face Lift

In 1983 my Uncle Eric gave me my first Bible (KJV). It was white leather, or maybe simulated leather, and to keep it from getting messed up my Mom added a clear film/book cover. Unfortunately this film had a tacky glue that didn’t remove easily. I was able to get the film off the cover, but it left some glue which them made black smudges in various places. While I was at church this morning I came up with an idea to give my Bible a face lift.

First, I chose the fabric I wanted to use and cut it out to fit. Then I attached it to the best of my ability.

It turned out pretty good, including the inside where the folder over fabric is. I had a bit of a problem with the corners though.

All in all, I’m happy with the results…

except I ended up putting the fabric on upside down! DOH.

This is definitely a more permanent cover than what most people would want, but it looks much better than the smudgy, sticky cover I had originally!

Evernote, How I Love The

I’ve used Evernote for the past few years as a way to keep track of random thoughts, notes, writing ideas, etc. Just recently I figured out that I could use Evernote to keep track of my fabric stash! How awesome is that? If you’re anything like me, your fabric stash is large and steadily growing. Since I’m somewhat lazy I haven’t broken out the rubber totes/bins and separated out all of my fabric by color, genre, pattern… Instead, it looks like this:



The biggest problem is trying to find the fabric I’m looking for or to see if I have fabric that will fit my needs. This is where Evernote has really evolved for me. Now, I’m taking photos of all of my fabric and adding any pertinent information (Name, Maker, Artist).


I’m also able to use the tags to mark the main color, content (novelty, animals, etc), and how much yardage I have.



Many of my fabrics are fat quarters or cut so I don’t have all of the information I would like, but now I’ll be able to enter that information on my phone while I’m at the quilt store. Plus, I can geotag the location so I remember which store I bought it from!

The other cool thing with Evernote, I can look strictly at the photos on my phone if I don’t want to search. This will come in handy when I’m at the store:


Now, back to it! One stack down, 50 more to go…

Fabric Friday

I have been part of an online quilting bee for about 1 1/2 years now. It has been a very interesting experience. I have been humbled by the quality of work the others have sent to me, as well as by how difficult half square triangles are!!

The one block that gave me the most problem was Heidi’s because I could not figure out where I messed up! After ripping out the seems and trying to fix it about 5 times, I finally just sent Heidi what I had. She can use it for a pillow case if she can’t fix it!

Dena’s block was the most creative I’ve had thus far this year. The mosaic block was a lot more difficult than it originally appeared to make an “unpatterned” block. This was a great learning opportunity for me, but I don’t think I’d want to make an entire quilt with these blocks. It would eventually drive me bonkers!

The last three blocks were put together for Rachel. The fabric choice was beautiful and would have gone well in my bedroom, but I had to send it back to Rachel!