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Disney Princess Half Marathon Feb 2016


This year’s run was so much better than last year’s, in the fact that I FINISHED!! My breathing was still horrendous but I was able to push through and finish up. I talked my sister-in-law into running the race with me this year. She came last year and did Disney with me but didn’t get there until after the race. At least she was there to help me patch up my ego!

This was Jackie’s first half marathon so I know she was nervous. However, she finished with a good time and seemed to enjoy herself. We were in the same corral, thankfully. We stayed together until it was time for our group to start. Once the fireworks went off, she went at her pace and I went at mine. I finished in 3:52:00, which is not good but that doesn’t matter. When you’re breathing through a windpipe the size of a drinking straw, you’re doing good to even finish (e.g. last year)!




The day before the race I got to visit with my Rosie Girl again! Man, has she grown up!! It is always so good to see Brittany, Jereme, Rosie, Amber, Hunter, and Declan. Next year, there will be a new edition to Amber’s family so I hope I get to see her too! Another princess to run for!




I’m done with races for now until I get this breathing sorted out. I’m going to talk to my doctor about possibly doing the resection so I’ll be rid of this thorn once and for all. I will miss going to Disney next year, but it’s probably for the best.




IRun4 Rosie!

I signed up for a buddy to run for in January this year because I knew I would need more motivation to keep running throughout the year. The thought of running or working out in general for someone who can’t run for themselves was very interesting to me. I then joined the group “I Run for Michael” on Facebook and I was sold. All of the support from the runners to their buddies and from the buddies to their runners was so uplifting. To know that I could bring a little bit of joy into someone’s life just through movement…wow.

After 4 months I was finally matched up with Rosie and her mom Brittany. I couldn’t wait to find out more about her. How old was she? What does she look like? What does she like? Brittany sent me a Facebook message giving me details of Rosie’s condition. She has what’s called omphalocele, which she describes very clearly:

It is an abdominal wall defect where some of their organs are herniated outside of their body where the umbilical cord is in a protective sac. They can be small or giant & she of course decided to have a giant one.

While I had never heard of it before, it definitely is something that is more common than some think. So, my first surprise about Rosie was the fact that she hadn’t been born yet! I was fully expecting to be buddied with a young child or an adult, an unborn baby never entered my mind. However, that being said, I am not disappointed in the least! I get to be there (in spirit!) for her birth and get to watch her develop from the beginning into a special little lady! She is due to be born May 28th!! I can’t wait to welcome her!

IRun4 Rosie!

Pop, Snap, Crack…

I took a long break from running this summer after the Zombie Run mainly because the heat just did me in. I don’t do well with temps above 85 degrees, mainly because I get over heated running to begin with so running in a sauna doesn’t help! However, I have my marathon scheduled on 1/1/14 so I decided it was time to get back at the last week of August.

Since we were working at Cody’s house I decided to get my 6 miles in around his subdivision. I laced up and headed out about 7 in the morning. I jokingly told Mike if I didn’t make it back within 2 hours to come looking for me!

Well, things were going well except for the fact that I was extremely out of shape and huffing and puffing but was still chugging along. Then my foot hit something in the road (yeah, I need to work on picking my feet up higher) and I tumbled. I got up and did a quick inventory. Everything felt ok, just a little scrape on my arm, so I decided to keep going. Plus, there was an older gentleman watching me (the ONLY person on the roads I had encountered). I took off and went about 10 feet when I heard a loud pop and my left foot started hurting, badly. I started walking and the guy asked if I was ok. I smiled and told him I was fine and tried to keep going. After he went inside, I found a spot to sit down. Boy, did my foot hurt. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my cellphone with me (never again) so I had to hobble 1 1/2 miles back to Cody’s house.

I told Mike that I thought I had broken my foot. We got my shoe and sock off and while it looked a little swollen it wasn’t that bad. He thought I probably just sprained it. Since that Monday was a holiday, I decided to give it some time and see if it would heal up.

It still hurt from time to time but it seemed to be getting better. I did another 5 mile walk (decided not to run after the first mile) and it hurt pretty bad at the end. Since it seemed to have been getting better I took a couple of weeks off. When it felt better, I tried a 10 mile walk. I was hobbling toward the end but made it back to my car unscathed. I got home and iced my foot. When I got up to get more ice my foot felt like it was clicking…yes, clicking. That’s when I decided I probably needed to go to the doctor.

The verdict?

photo 2

Yep, broken. The doctor was floored that I had been running/walking on a broken foot for 5 weeks. He said the reason it felt like it was getting better was probably because it was trying to fill the break in with new bone cells then I was re-breaking it every time I did my walks. I was put in a boot for 6 weeks and now it looks like this!

photo 1

It’s filling in and looking pretty good. The doctor said that I need to go another two weeks before I start training again. That only gives me about 2 months to prepare for the marathon!

When the fat Comes Back

The past couple of months, since giving up dieting, I’ve been reading Go Kaleo’s blog and have joined the Eating the Food Facebook Group (awesome support there!). I’ve also read Matt Stone’s books Eat for Heat and Diet Recovery 2 as well as Amber’s Taking up Space. Slowly, I’ve replaced all of the blogs/books I used to read about calorie restriction and the latest/greatest diet with items that promote healthy living and loving the body you have now, not the body you’re longing to have.

I’m struggling a bit though. I’ve gained weight. I went from a 55lb loss to a 33lb loss, which is still a loss but…sigh…22lbs? I “think” my scale has stopped moving up but I’m trying not to weigh myself too much because I’m afraid of what the number will be. There are plenty of other people in my camp and the common response is “be patient. Just keep going and you’ll start losing again”. Shoot, look at Amber’s results and that should speak for itself. However, on the same foot, people have laughed at others who just kept going with Paleo thinking it would eventually work for them. So, that little voice in my head starts saying “what if they’re wrong? What if they’re just saying that because that’s what they ALL say?”

I’m really trying my best not to flip out and start dropping my calories again. My metabolism is shot. I know this. I’ve been perpetually dieting since my mom made me do Weight Watchers with her when I was 11. I’m not faulting my mom, not at all. She did what she felt was right, but it also started an unhealthy view of food from then on.

When I started the re-feeding I ate whatever my body craved. What did it crave? Chocolate, candy, cake, greasy burgers, and chocolate…did I mention chocolate? So, I let myself eat it. Before, I would buy a bag of almond M&Ms. Not the small personal size but the big mama jama bag. I’d eat the whole bag in one sitting while Mike was gone or while I was at work in my office then I’d hide the evidence. I did a lot of “closet” eating like that. On my 30th day sugar free, I ate cookies, cake, and candy because I had reached my goal of 30 days and could enjoy a “little bit” now. Eating disorder? Pfft…no, I didn’t have an eating disorder. I was still fat. People with EDs are thin and make themselves either starve or throw up. That definitely was NOT me. Then again, that’s what anyone with an ED would say, isn’t it? I may not have been anorexic or bulimic but I definitely had an unhealthy relationship with food.

I still have some days where I eat a lot of sugar, but I also have quite a few days where I think “oh, I can get a candy bar at lunch and be done with it by the time I get back to the office and no one will know” but then don’t do it because I don’t really want to eat it. It’s just the ED rearing its ugly head again. I recognize this now. And while it’s extremely embarrassing for me to admit I hid food, I know I’m not alone. I also understand that sugar, starch, salt, and fat help to repair a destroyed metabolism so it’s not any shock that I would be craving some of the foods I’m craving.

However, I’m still scared to death. What if all of this won’t work for me like it did for some of the others? As some people have said I am not a “special snowflake”. Tammy’s body works the same as most every one else’s. So, I just have to trust in the process and keep on keeping on.

One of the measurements for metabolism health is body temperature. If you’re below 98 degrees, then you need to do more work on your system. Also, after you eat a “warm” meal (meaning it raises the core temperature and repairs the metabolism) you should feel it. I have yet to feel that warming sensation. However, I am learning to identify certain things my body is trying to tell me. For instance, my “I’m satiated” signal is very very quiet but it is there. If I eat slow enough and listen I can identify that and stop eating. This typically happens well before I finish my entire meal. There are days though that I don’t hear it or the taste of the food is so “loud” that it overpowers that signal and I eat until I’m bursting at the seams. I know this now and with knowledge comes power. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to post unflattering pictures here, but I will do my best to keep track of my progress.

All of that being said, and that’s quite a bit so thank you for still reading!, I am able to lift weights and can feel myself getting stronger every day. My running on the other hand has suffered because I just haven’t done it in a month. That’s ok though. My body needed a break from it so I gave it to her.


When Life Becomes a Runaway Train

Life has been a bit crazy lately. I felt like a bug thrown into the toilet and flushed. Lovely image, huh?! The day Mike and I finished the Muddy Trails race I called my parents to let them know how it went when my Dad told me my Grandma was in the hospital with pneumonia. He said he didn’t think it was that big of a deal but gave me her room number and said to call before I went to visit just in case they had already sent her home. The next day, Sunday, I did some running around and was going to call to see if she was up for visitors. My phone rang and it was my Dad. He told me that Grandma had been moved from the hospital she was in to the Downtown Methodist Hospital. It turned out she didn’t have pneumonia but congestive heart failure.

Again, he said she sounded fine and was in good spirits. The doctors were going to give her some meds to hopefully help. I didn’t feel like driving all the way downtown (I do not like driving downtown, especially in the medical center area) so I figured since I had the next Friday off I’d swing by and visit with her then.


Monday she started having some issues with her kidneys not functioning correctly, but again it didn’t seem to be any reason to worry. The doctor’s felt they could help get them functioning well enough without too much trouble. She was pretty stable on Tuesday and my Dad said she still sounded good on the phone but they were still having some issues with the kidneys.

Wednesday, she entered what the doctors called an “altered mental state”. Basically, she became non-responsive as if she were in a coma. They had to put her on a breathing tube. My Dad bought a plane ticket to come in Friday so he could be with her and help if need be. I told him I’d be happy to pick him up and we’d go to the hospital together. This isn’t the first time we’ve been through something similar to this, but she’s a tough cookie and has pushed through several times!

Thursday morning she came to and was ticked off to be on a breathing tube. Grandma was back and feisty as ever! The doctors had decided to start her on dialysis because her kidneys weren’t working well enough to remove the fluid from around her heart and her liver was starting to have issues. Her blood pressure was extremely low so they were going to do it as slowly as possible so her system wasn’t stressed anymore than necessary.

Thursday at 5PM, I got a call from Mom telling me that Grandma had passed away. She hadn’t told Dad yet (This is my Dad’s Mom) because he was doing yard work outside and she had just gotten the phone call. The only thing I could think was “but we’re supposed to go see her tomorrow”. Mom said she was going to try to get a plane ticket and fly in with Dad.

So, Friday morning instead of visiting with my Grandma I picked my parents up from the airport and we met everyone at my Aunt Sharon’s house. From there we went to pick out the coffin and meet with the funeral home to set up the final arrangements. It didn’t really sink in that she was gone, even though we were talking about her funeral. It didn’t hit until her funeral the following Monday. Sometimes it still doesn’t feel quite real. She was my last grandparent. In the past 4 years, we’ve lost 6 people.  My Aunt Gertrude, my Uncle Rudolph, my Uncle Richard, my Grandpa (my Dad’s Dad), my cousin Karen and now my Grandma.

The service was beautiful and it was great to be around all the love of my family. My brother drove in with the boys so I got to see my him and my nephews, which is always nice! However, since then I’ve just kinda been floating around in a fog. I’ve exercised off and on, I haven’t been consistent at all. I don’t feel like doing much of anything. However, it’s time to get back to it! I am blessed to be in good health so I need to take advantage of that and keep moving/improving the best I can. The last thing I want is to be a burden on Mike when I’m older and one way to try to avoid that is taking care of myself now.

This next weekend I have a race in Fredricksburg with my friend Amy and I can’t wait! I haven’t been running since my Muddy Trails race, but that’s ok. This “race” is more about enjoying the flowers as it winds through a wildflower farm and spending time with a dear friend!