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Oh, Yes I Did!

I did it. I caved in. After waiting what seems like years for the Harry Potter series to be available in e-book format I bought the whole dang series in one swoop!

And…I’m excited to see the covers I love instead of the many other variations! I bought them to read on my Kindle, but thankfully I have the ability to download the books up to 8 times so if I ever decided to go with a different reader, I can still read my books! You can’t buy the books through Amazon (or B&N, or whatever your choice reader). You have to purchase the books from Pottermore then download to your device. If you link your account (in my case, Amazon) with your Pottermore account you can download the books directly to your device instead of downloading to the computer and then putting them on the e-reader. Thankfully, it’s not nearly as convoluted as it sounds and they walk you through the process relatively painlessly.

What books have you been waiting to come out in e-book format?

Lowest Reps Win



6 Rounds of 3 Reps @ 155#



4 Rounds, Lowest Reps Count

1 Minute Pull Ups 13 (Green band: 18, 13, 13, 15)
1 Minute GHD Sit Ups 23 (25, 23, 23, 24)
1 Minute Burpees 10 (11, 10, 10, 10)
1 Minute Push Ups 18 (Knees: 22, 18, 23, 23)


We are working on increasing our squat max, so we’re following a schedule of back squats, then deadlifts, and last front squats. You start at 65% of your 1 rep max the first week, then each time after you add 5 more lbs.


My hands are starting to get torn up again. Pretty soon I’ll have a tear on the palm of my left hand and the two knuckles of my right. My pull ups weren’t very pretty. I guess I need to work on the kipping more. I was happy with my sit ups and burpees. On the sit ups I went back further than normal and on the burpees I jumped on every one instead of stepping back. Score! My push ups were bad though. I felt my core getting soft and therefore losing my form. Overall, I’m happy with it though.



When we got home today we were greeted at the door by 2 dogs. This should have only been 1. Ruby (Rubini) managed to get out of her pen again. We have zip tied and screwed this pen together to keep her in but she continually finds ways out. It’s rather impressive actually. However, it’s irritating because she tears up stuff! We found screws all over the floor and one of my books with the back cover (hardback) ripped off and the front cover peeled.



At least all of the pages are still there. Apparently my dog likes books as much as I do, just for different reasons. Gotta love this face though!



Smell of Leather and Sweat

It was another AMRAP day.



20 Minute AMRAP

5 Parallette Push Ups

10 Toes to Bar (Knees to Elbows)

15 Med Ball Cleans (12#)

Completed 8 and 5 push ups


My goal was to complete 6 rounds but I made it a little past 8! Those cleans were tiring. Basically, that’s 30 squats. It was a good workout though. I left feeling good about my performance.


On another note, I bought some books today! I’ve been eyeing the leather books at Barnes & Noble for a while and decided to start adding them to my collection. Soooo…I started with Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre!




Aren’t they pretty?! The paper is nice and thick too. Well worth the money (which isn’t really all that much).



They look nice on my bookshelf. I’ll be adding more as time and money permit! Oh, and…I signed up for NaNoWriMo again this year. I know I said I probably wouldn’t do it again, but it’s been 2 years so it may not be so bad! Plus, it will push me to get my rough draft finished of The Blue Onion.


Anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

Modern Mix

Since it’s my month for our Online Quilt Bee, I HAD to go buy some background fabric today! Oh…and look what jumped into my hands:

Follow along with me, making the appropriate noises. Ewwwww:



You know what else I gotFile:Interrobang.svg Tickets to the International Quilt Show on November 3rd! I’m so stoked.

 Today’s food for thought: I want the interrobang to make a comeback. Not sure what that is…it’s the symbol at the end of the sentence “You know what else I got”.


Otherwise typed as ?!