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Quilting Gnomes and I’m an Idiot

It’s getting close to the weekend…what does that mean? That means I can finally get back to making Dakota’s new quilt so I can hopefully have it done by Christmas this year (outlook not looking so good at this point in time!). When I went to visit with them last time I asked him if he’d want a new quilt because HE brought up his old one. So, now that I think he’s at an age where he can appreciate it and not make me cry by throwing it over the couch and looking for toys, I figured it’s time to get him a proper quilt!

Unfortunately, I’ve been very slow to get this puppy done. My online quilting bee helped make some of the blocks. Which was a time saver for me! I then scheduled a WIP date with my Aunt so she could help me finish up the blocks (only needed 24 more). It’s always more fun when you can visit with friends while sewing anyway! We finished all of the blocks on 8/17 and I put them away in a Ziploc bag.

Today, yes a whole 2 months later, I’m finally getting around to laying the blocks out so I can get it put together. I don’t want too many of the same type of blocks together so I wanted to lay it all out on the floor and re-arrange them as needed. Since I have more room (and less dog hair!) at work, I brought the bag with me this morning and set to work!

You notice anything wrong? Yep, I’m missing a block! Apparently the Quilting Gnomes were tired of my slow progress and decided to punish me by making me do extra work.

I went ahead and labeled them all since I was pretty happy with the layout, I’ll just have to make a new block to plug in there.

I folded my quilt blocks up and shoved them back in the Ziploc bag fuming that I have to make another block instead of just whipping these together. Sat down at my desk to write this post when I noticed something. I’m an idiot. Yep, I’m a full blown idiot. Let’s look at this post again…. Shoot, I’ll make it easier for you:

I was using a 7×7 (49 block) layout this morning when I should have been using an 8×6 (48 block) layout. *headsmack* Now, it’s back to the drawing board and I have to spend another hour getting the layout right…again. While I feel like a schlub, I’m glad that the mystery of the missing block has been solved and I apologize to any quilt gnomes I may have offended by my accusations.

Weekend Trials…

Happy Monday!! Ok, so I’m not really happy it’s Monday but fake it ’til ya feel it, right?!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was considering allowing myself to have 1 cheat day a month but I was concerned that by indulging the one day I’d be tempted to keep on indulging. Well, I was tempted to keep indulging but I was successful in resisting!

My Saturday started off pretty good with my morning run. I met up with my cousin, Kelly, and her husband, Mark. We were just going to do a 4 mile route that was marked out for us. There is a group that gets together and marks the trails with white spray paint so you know which way to go. Kelly and Mark hadn’t been running since November (their 1/2 marathon) so they were just going to run/walk the route. I, on the other hand, wanted to see if I could run the whole thing.  

I was feeling pretty strong. My breathing was doing pretty good (I think it’s getting better thanks to the Serrapeptase but it’s still early) and my legs were pumping! It was only about 60 degrees and windy so the temperature was perfect. After I hit the 2 mile mark, I expected to be tired and ready to walk since that seems to be wall. However, I just kept on trucking! I made what I thought was the last turn back to the park when things started looking a little odd. I was on a golf course. I looked back to see if I took a wrong turn but the trail only went one way. I passed a few people that gave me looks. After a while I decided I needed to get off the course fast, but all I could see were fences for what seemed like miles. Surely there was a road that would meet up, but nope…not that I saw. Then I saw the top of the country club and decided I’d hit the street from there and find my way back to the park. At this point I was 3.5 miles in to my run. I stopped running so I wouldn’t get yelled at and hoped I could just blend in and get out as quiet as a ninja.

Yeah…not happening. Apparently, there was some sort of shindig going on at the club house and there were 100’s of people there. These were people lving in the million dollar homes I’ve been running by. They didn’t take too kindly to me being on their course! The Golf Course Bouncer stopped me before I could get to the club house and told me running wasn’t allowed. I explained that I didn’t do it intentionally and that I must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. He asked what street I was looking for and when I told him he pointed to the woods and said I could hit it through there.

Ummm…ok, so you want me to go fighting through all that bramble? I asked him politely how I was supposed ot get through that and he explained that there was a slight trail next to the house and the woods that I could take. He even escorted me to the opening to ensure I left. Needless to say I was highly embarrassed. At the same time, I was proud to have run 3.5 miles and could have kept going. Plus, some of the hills on the course were a lot of fun to run on!

I started walking next to the house and when I came around the front there was a mother with her two kids (about 5 and 7). No one else was outside….no…just the people whose house I’m sneaking through the yard! She jumped because I scared the tar out of her. I apologized as I kept walking. I found the street and the park. Come to find out, I missed the spray paint arrow telling me to turn again because it was on the opposite side of where most people run/walk and right at an intersection where you’re looking for cars…no wonder I missed it!

All in all, I added about a half mile to my run and I finished at the same time Kelly and Mark did. It was pretty funny after the fact. Mark thought it was especially funny because he’s the one that normally gets lost!

After all of that excitement I started my cheat/splurge day by going to Chick-fil-a and getting a spicy chicken sandwich with waffle fries….yummm. Afterward, I went to Office Max to find some things when I started feeling rather sour. I left the store and went to sit in my car for a bit. My heart was thumping and I felt rather weak and worn out. It wasn’t food poisoning but I have no doubt it was all of the carbs that I hadn’t had in almost two months. I fell asleep in my car for a bit and when I woke up I was feeling better even though I had a slight headache.

For dinner the hubbins and I went to an Italian restaurant where I had a spicy Penne dish and a Ceasar Salad. It was quite delicious! I only ate half of my meal because I just wasn’t that hungry. I also had a couple of glasses of white wine. That night we went to a friends house where I had some chips and dip and shot the breeze until after midnight. Now, I only had 3 glasses of wine the entire night.

That night I slept like crap and Sunday morning I swear I had a carb hangover. I just felt bleh all over and didn’t feel like doing much of anything. The bad thing was, when Mike and I went out to dinner Sunday night even though I had felt bad from all the junk the day before I still wanted to order a cheeseburger. Thankfully, I resisted and got back on my diet. Those processed carbs are evil!

Early Morning Surprises

Tuesday Mike and I came home to find a “present” on our front rug. Now, this “present” was wrapped up nicely in said rug, complete with a bow of torn off fringe on the top. We have two furbabies, Ellie (German Shepard mix) and Ruby (Lab mix).

Adorable, aren’t they? Don’t let them fool you though. That white one…she’s a handful and I’m pretty sure Ellie does thinks and frames Ruby. We threw away the rug since the fringe was torn to shreds and the rug was stained.

Wednesday morning we decided to roll up our other rug and put it in the hallway so they wouldn’t destroy it. We have hardwood floors, so it’s much easier to clean those than it is the rugs! That afternoon we came home to find two huge piles of food one of the dogs had regurgitated. Eww…I know. Thankfully, we had the rugs put away. I don’t know about y’all, but our dogs always head to a rug or mat when they get sick. Can’t get sick on the floor where we can just wipe it up…nope, gotta defile the carpets!

We cleaned it up, put the house back in order and let the dogs stay outside for a bit. When we brought them back in, we gave them each a milkbone and Ruby got sick again. Uh oh… We stopped feeding her but she would throw up whatever water she had drank also. So, we figured we’d pick up the water and not let Ruby have any more food or water that night and maybe it would work through her system and she’d be fine. She wasn’t feeling well, at all. Poor baby.

That night we all went to bed thinking everything would be right with the world again the next morning. Ruby kept cuddling up to me, which is unusual for her. She likes to lay against you but doesn’t normally cuddle. I fell back to sleep only to be woken up at 1:45 with a retching noise. Not the best way to wake up! Unfortunately, she had thrown up all over Mike. Fortunately for him, it was on the sheets and blankets and he didn’t get any on his actual person!

This go ’round her vomit was tinged with blood. Que panic mode. We threw on some clothes, loaded Ruby and me in the back of the truck and took off for the emergency animal clinic. When we got there, we explained about the fringe (up to this point we thought it was Ruby who tore it up but didn’t have proof) and how we were afraid she ate some of it. They took her to do x-rays to see if anything was evident. They were well stocked on magazines. Did you know they had one called Garden & Guns? A little odd…but ok!

Sure enough, she had some fringe that was wreacking havoc on her intestines. They gave her a shot to stop the vomiting and sent us home with the x-ray. Later that morning we went to see her normal vet who recommended we give her a couple of tablespoons of wet dog food to try and push the fringe through her system. All day yesterday I would feed her a little bit, let her drink some water, and watch for her to go to the bathroom. She never did. She would pee, but that was about the most of it. Of course, she’d only had a little bit to eat, but I was afraid that meant she was plugged and we’d have to resort to surgery. She slept through the night without incident.

This morning, she finally went to the bathroom. I pulled on my shoes and ran out to inspect the mess and there it was. I have never been so happy to see dog crap in my life! She is still feeling a bit bad, but now the danger has passed and she can start healing up! From now on, no rugs with fringe!

Ack….Did I Do That?

I’m not exactly the most gentle person with my phone, having dropped it several times from about waist height. This weekend, I dropped my phone again but this time it only fell about 10 inches. I picked up my phone and put it in my pocket. A little bit later, I took it out to check the maps and what did I see?

Well crap. On the bright side, at least it was the back that cracked and not my screen! I stopped by Best Buy this afternoon on my way home and picked up a new case that’s supposedly water proof, shock proof (definitely need that!), and all other sorts of proofs. I was bummed because I liked the look of the phone without a large cover, however this case isn’t too bad. The phone still slips into my back pocket without too much trouble too. Now, my phone looks good as new!


haha…ok, so maybe it’s not the same thing, but it still looks clean. Plus, with it being water proof, I can use my Nike+ gps app without worrying about killing yet another apple product. I also killed my Ipod nano during one of my workouts but didn’t post about it. I love gadgets but tend to be hard on them!