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Martinis and More

My husband and I enjoy going out for drinks every once in a while as a “date night”. We enjoy trying new drinks and what better way to do that than by going to a martini bar?!

One of the places we like going to the most is Martinis & More in the Woodlands, Tx.

We normally get there early to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. It’s a relatively small place, but that makes it cozier in my opinion! I love all of the artwork on their walls as well. It’s like drinking in an art gallery!

The last time we went, they had martini flights where you could choose 3 different martinis for a set price (I think it was $15, but don’t quote me on that). These aren’t the full size martinis, but they’re big enough to know whether you’d want to order another or not!

Mike likes the drier martinis like the Top Flight with Blue Cheese stuffed Olives. They stuffed the olives at the bar, and according to him they were quite good.

Personally, I like the fruitier versions! Although I did love the Jalapeño stuffed olives (see above)! We have never been there during their busy times or when live music has been there, so I can’t speak for the experience during those points. However, I have enjoyed every visit we’ve made there. The bar tending staff have always been professional and down to Earth.

Views From a Plane

This past month I’ve had to travel to CA and PA for business. While I don’t mind flying, I really don’t like going through security where it takes 2 hours. I understand why it’s the way it is, but it’s still a pain! However, once I get up in the air it’s sooo relaxing. Where else can you see a view like this:

And, when the sun goes down all of the hustle and bustle on the streets stops. Instead, you see a multitude of beautiful twinkling lights and lovely geometric patterns: