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Cleveland Rocks

It was the summer of 2008 when Tammy and her friend Jackie set on a road trip to Cleveland to visit the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. They left from Saginaw, Michigan and eight hours later arrived at their destination.

Cleveland’s Downtown Radisson Hotel:

From their room they could see the Quicken Loans Arena, home of Cavaliers Basketball team and numerous traveling events.

A walk around the block reveled the home of the Indians Baseball team, Progressive Field.

As they walked around Progressive Field strange messages started popping up, such as “Meet Me Here”:

and “Who’s On First”:

That evening they made a pit stop to the Winking Lizard for dinner and drinks before crashing. Nothing quite like the mix of greasy foods and alcohol to knock a person out.

Bright and early the next morning they drove to their final destination. As they pulled into the parking lot, another stadium was standing tall.

It seemed this area of Cleveland was a gathering place for several different sites that seemed to have nothing to do with each other. Such as the Firefighters memorial:

Taking a hundred more steps brought Tammy and Jackie face to face with big ship. However, they didn’t slow down to get the back story.

Finally the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame came into view. Just like stadium, firefighter memorial, and battleship, the architecture of the Hall of Fame didn’t seem to go together. But it was a beautiful building all the same.

The first piece of music history to greet the ladies was Johnny Cash’s tour bus from the 1970’s.

Curious, Tammy walked over and was ready to step on board when the sign posted out front said “$10 admission”. Being the smart person she is, Tammy turned around, looped her arm in Jackie’s and headed toward the front door.

The first step past the glass door Tammy and Jackie were hit with sensory overload. Over here there were The Beatles Guitar sculpture:

Over there were the Hot Dog car, French Fries, and Coke the Phish used in one of their tours:

Above them were multiple small cars used in other tours for Phish.

Off to the right were more guitar sculptures.

Then, out of nowhere a hand clinched Tammy’s left shoulder as a lady said “No photography in the museum.” Properly admonished Tammy smiled, apologized, then put her camera back in the holster. The rest of the museum was full of music memorabilia. There were costumes, props, diaries, musical instruments, cars, just about anything you could imagine including old boy scout photos, kid’s drawings, and report cards (of Jim Morrison). The second to the last floor had covers of Rolling Stone along with letters of praise and letters cursing the magazine. There were also props from Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Tour. Finally, the top of the pyramid was full of photos and records showing The Doors over time. Posters covered the walls and videos played on loop. Satisfied with hours worth of living vicariously through famous people’s items, Tammy and Jackie decided to head out. While it was time to go back to Michigan, Jackie wanted to stop by and see the Christmas Story house.

The directions led Tammy and Jackie into the ghetto of Cleveland. Just when Tammy was about ready to turn around and leave Jackie spotted “The” house.

Complete with the leg lamp:

The house was closed, so the only thing they could do was take photos from the outside. Jackie kept 91 dialed on her cell phone while keeping an eye out for any fire arms while Tammy braved the street to get the money shots. Unfortunately, on the way back to Michigan Jackie was pulled over for speeding and given a ticket. Thanks Ohio!