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New Rules of Lifting for Women

Awww  yeeahhh…it’s that time peeps! It’s time to shake things up a bit and get this weight loss train moving again. I’ve been doing CrossFit for over a year and a half and while I had some success and a ton of fun, I’m taking a month off of CrossFit to complete Stage 1 of New Rules of Lifting for Women.

We have a full weight set in our garage so it won’t require purchasing too much equipment. One of the items I needed though was a couple of different sized boxes. Sunday morning, the hubbins went to Lowe’s and picked up a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and we got to work!

I decided to go with a 14″ and 18″ box. Personally, I thought those may be a little short for what I needed, but after measuring things out it appears they’re just right!

We got the power tools out and started with the larger box to make sure we had enough material.

Since we didn’t take in to account that actual thickness of the plywood, the finished sizes are 14 3/4″ and 18 3/4″. The shorter box will be perfect for now and the larger box will help add more challenge and I build my muscles more!

I used the shorter box this morning and yes, it was challenging enough! In fact, my first workout went pretty well. My numbers:

Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Rest
Squats 45/15 55/15 60
Push Up 45 deg/15 45 deg/15 60
Bent Over Row 45/15 55/15 60
Step Up w/Barbell 55/15 55/15 60
Reverse Crunch BW/8 BW/8 60

My Notes:

Need to go up on squats. Step ups were HARD. May need to consider dumbbells instead of barbell. Weight good on bent over row too. Pully and cable stuck on rack, may try to fix that. The workout only took 30 minutes. Should I be concerned about that?

All in all, I was happy with my performance. I was a little concerned at how quickly it went, but I think part of that is I underestimated the weight on the squats and went through that pretty quickly. I also need to warm up more at the beginning. However, 3:45 comes aaawwwfully early and I’m doing good not to drop the weights on my head!

On another note, we had a visitor this weekend at the house!

I politely shewed him away while I crapped my pants!

Dadgum Rodents…

This past weekend I bought this super nifty “keep the squirrels away” bird feeder from Lowes in the hopes that my fat squirrels would leave the seed to my poor, starving birds.

Monday, I came home to this:

I’m pretty sure my cardinals didn’t unscrew the feeder from the pole. Yes, the albeit cute, rodents somehow unscrewed this:

From this:

Did you notice the slinky on the pole? Yeah, that was another brilliant idea I had to try to keep the cuddly monsters out of the bird feeder. Obviously, that didn’t work either! In my mind, Rocky grabbed hold of the cage and pushed himself around and around using the pole with said slinky protector. I’m sure they had a jolly good time with it as well!  So much so that the extra piece that covered the larger hole on the feeder was missing for a bit. We found it a little later a few feet from the crime scene.

Binocular pictures

I tried an experiment the other day. I like my camera, but it doesn’t have a great zoom, so I thought “I wonder if I can take pictures through binoculars.” Obviously I’m not going to carry binoculars around with me, but if I’m hiking or something I’m sure I’d have them. So…did it work?!

Yes and no…it worked, but there is a circle around the picture. Personally, I kinda like it!

Big Bird

I have a bird feeder outside of my front door where I usually have two pair of cardinals, some titmice, carolina chickadees, and some other small birds eating away. It didn’t matter how much bird seed we put in the feeder, it seemed like the next day it was always 1/2 full or emptied out. I assumed it was because of our friendly neighborhood squirrels eating the seed, but I never heard the dogs barking. Usually if the squirrels were out there the dogs would be going crazy. That was my sign to grab the BB gun and start shooting. No, I never hit them, I just shot around them to chase them away. Well, I got home early one day and was sitting on the couch reading when I noticed my dogs were missing. Figuring they were up to no good, I looked for them and saw them staring intently out the front door window. So, of course I followed their gaze. There, behind our bird feeder, was the biggest dang bird I’ve ever seen! Come to find out, it wasn’t the squirrels eating all the seed afterall

He came up to the feeder, but then the dogs started barking. He stayed still long enough for me to be able to get this picture. I wasn’t fast enough to get him at the actual feeder.