Turn That Frown Upside Down!

So, yesterday I vented a bit about my sewing machine not working. My husband and I left work early to make it to the quilt store (It’s a Stitch; where we purchased the machine) before they closed at 5:30. I was dreading it because I figured I’d get some sort of news like “Well, it’s past the 90 day….” you all know the spiel. Suzanne looked at my machine for a bit and determined that the feed dogs were indeed not working and not because of user error! So, she took it to the techs in the back for them to look at it. In the meantime I was registering for my Bernina classes when the tech came to the front and told me that all he had to do was push the feed dogs back and they started working again. I sighed and said “ok” thinking I would be perpetually pushing my feed dogs around. Terry (the sewing dept manager) told him that we needed to get that fixed because there is no reason I should be having these problems with a machine that was purchased in October. So, they took my machine away to be fixed and I was left with nothing.

Or so I thought! Terry was nice enough to get me a loaner machine to use until mine was fixed. How awesome is that?!

I packed up the loaner and we headed back home. Finally, I was going to be able to get Heidi’s bee block done and mailed out! Then I get a phone call from the store…I had left my purse there. Way to go, Tammy! Great job spacing out there! They locked it up for me so I could pick it up today.

When we got home I hooked up the loaner and started working away on the block. It was tough. We had a lot of triangles and I’m not very good at keeping triangles in the correct shape when it comes to the biased side. However, I was happy with how the block was turning out. I liked the way this block was looking.

Until this happened:

This was all a result of me goofing up my cut on this triangle and trying to make it work…it obviously didn’t work!

Shame on me for even trying! When I picked my purse up from the store I also picked up some white fabric to replace the above monstrosity. I also picked up several other fabrics…whoops! Stay tuned for my post on my favorite quilt store!

6 thoughts on “Turn That Frown Upside Down!

  1. Heidi Elliott

    You are too funny, Tammy. I have weeks like this 🙂 At least your shop gave you a loaner. Great service!

    I completely understand about the block. I had problems with mine too. I need to be vigilant that I am on the diagonal when cutting out triangles. Bad Heidi… focus, focus…

    1. Tammy Post author

      My biggest problem is I don’t pay enough to the small details. Measuring and cutting is the worst!! But, I’m slowly getting better at it!

  2. Kathy

    Love It’s a Stitch!!!! It’s one of my very favorite quilt shops!!! Sorry, I had to smile when I read your blog, because it let’s me know I’m not the only one on the planet that does this sort of thing, LOL!

  3. Diane

    I found your blog on Quilting Bloggers. We live very close to each other! I love It’s a Stitch. Are you participating in the Quilt Shop Hop this year?

    1. Tammy Post author

      I’d love to do the shop hop, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to. I’m going to play it by ear!


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