One Little Word

I popped onto my Google reader this morning to check out my bazillion blogs I look through and saw a posting by Calli on her blog “Make it Do“. Ali Edwards was her inspiration last year to get her “doing” going, if that makes any sense!

After reading both of the blogs above, I sat down and thought about it. What word would be my word for this year? I’ve always had what my husband calls my “watch word”, which is persevere. This is as true today as it was yesterday. However, it was more fitting for my time in school when I was just trying to get through the whole thesis writing obstacle course for my masters degree. There were many times I was ready to throw in the towel and quit. I’m not a quitter by nature. (Which is obvious in how loyal I’ve been to my chocolate! hahaha…gotta love diets.) I am normally able to set a goal and stick with it through the end. My masters degree was proving to be an extreme mental challenge and the obstacles I faced almost did me in. But, I persevered. My husband reminded me over and over of my watch word, and I truly believe that helped. So, in a way my husband chose my word for those two 1/2 years.

This year, I need to a new “watch word” to reflect the person I want to become in 2010. So, here it is: Transformation.

Not only do I want to transform my attitude (which has been kinda crappy lately) but I am on a track to transform my lifestyle. I’m starting to make healthier choices for food and spirit. In the process, I will be transforming from an ok quilter to a better quilter (or so I hope!).

Thank you for stopping by! I hope as the year 2010 goes on you will start to notice the changes I’m making in myself!

2 thoughts on “One Little Word

  1. Claudia

    What a wonderful idea. i love your word. You have inspired me to get thinking of my word. It all begins with the first step!


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