Almost Done!!

I made a goal of getting the quilting done on Alaina/Zoey’s quilt today and I DID IT!! I ran into some issues with my thread breaking because my needle needed to be replaced, but once I got that swapped out it was pretty quick sailing.

All I need to do now is square it up and add the binding. I need to buy some material for the binding because I don’t think I have enough left for it. Better safe than sorry.  I ran into one snag that I didn’t notice until I had finished. I turned over the quilt to trim off the excess fabric when to my surprise I had accidentally caught up some of the extra fabric in the stitching. Ooopps.

I trimmed the fabric as close to the stitching as possible. I’m hoping when I wash it, the fabric will loosen enough that I’ll be able to pick it out. If not, then she’ll have a souvenir! I had one other issue when I came to the flowers. Should I quilt over the flowers and blanket stitching or go around? If I go over it, will it take away from the look? If I don’t go over it and the blanket stitching comes out nothing but the fusible web will be holding the flowers on. So, I decided it would be best to quilt over them.

I was ok with how it turned out. It doesn’t take away from the hand stitching very much and I feel better knowing the flowers won’t fall off if the hand stitching comes off.

The best $10 I ever spent was on these sexy gloves.

The fabric was so much easier to manipulate with these gloves on. The little rubber nubbins really helped me grip the quilt. I would recommend these to anyone. Of course, I don’t remember the name of the gloves, but if you see them at your quilt store pick them up! I haven’t used them to do free motion quilting yet, mainly because I haven’t done free motion quilting yet, but I think these will come in handy.

Looking forward to getting this quilt bound and handed off to Alaina/Zoey!

2 thoughts on “Almost Done!!

  1. granny lyn

    oh, that little quilt will be so awesome when it’s done! that little patch with extra fabric will could be your “vanity” mistake…tee hee

    I’d love to try those gloves, I’ve just gotten into the free motion quilting, so anything to make it more manageable would be a bonus!!!!! thanks for the “review”!

  2. Jan

    That’s such a pretty quilt and congratulations on finishing the “queeelting :)” You did a great job; and I even like the little extra fabric on the back 🙂 I’m anxious to see what you choose for the binding. I think those gloves have become the best friends to many a quilter 🙂


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