Sugarlog Day 1, Take Two

Today is day #1 again of going sugar free. It is going well. I’ve actually had no cravings today, even when I saw the candy on FPS’ desk. My weigh in this morning was enough to smash me over the head with a sledgehammer.

229.3…..yep…229.3. I’m almost back up to my highest weight. I know part of it is water weight, but not nearly enough to explain how I went from 214 to 229.3 in a matter of a couple of months. I’m embarrassed to reveal this weigh in to you, but it wouldn’t be fair to me to sugar coat it (bad pun…I know!). I’m trying my best to down the water. Your body retains fluid when you #1) eat too much salt and #2) don’t get enough liquids in the day. If your body doesn’t know when to expect it’s next water intake, it will hold on to all of the water in your system and store it in the extremities…yep…picture a camel! My feet and hands are swollen, so I know I need to keep on drinking water. The best way to cut out fluid retention is by drinking MORE water so your body is no longer trying to hold on to it in case you don’t give it enough.

Happy Friday, All!

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