Sew-In and OPAM update

As I mentioned in a previous post, I finished Alaina/Zoey’s baby quilt, finally! However, it didn’t go so smoothly. The only thing I had left to do was squaring up the quilt and the binding, so I didn’t think it would take all that long especially since I was trying the machine stitching method.

The first issue I encountered was getting the quilt squared up. My table isn’t big enough to lay the quilt out flat, so I thought I’s put it on the floor.

Unfortunately my minions thought it looked more like a rug than a quilt. I chased the girls away and finished up my trimming. Next, I cut out the strips for the binding. I found this adorable purple polka dot fabric in my stash that looked like it would work perfectly!

Once all the strips were cut out, I sewed them together.

Then I pressed the seams open so there wouldn’t be a thick area to sew through.

I sewed the binding on the front as usual, then started pinning down the first side so it had enough room to overlap the stitch line slightly on the back so when I stitched in the ditch on the front I’d catch the back and be done stitching the binding on. Easy peasy!!

It was slow going since I was having to remove all of the pins as I’m sewing. It made it a little tough with the pins on the back, but not unmanageable. I finished the first side and turned it over to admire my handy work! It looked pretty good. It was a little wavy, which I figure was probably because of the stopping and starting. My sewing machine I have now doesn’t start slowly, it takes off like a bull after a cowboy. Unfortunately, there was a couple of spots where the stitching didn’t touch the binding. Um…that’s not good! I figured I’d just stitch over that part.

Yeah, it doesn’t look very good. However, it didn’t look terrible either so I just left it instead of ripping out the entire side and redoing it. For the next side I decided to pin through the front side.

Not only did this allow me to flip it over and make sure the stitch line would catch the binding, but it made it much easier to remove the pins when I was sewing. I finished up this side and flipped it over to see if this side was better than the other.

This one turned out much better, although it was still wavy! I finished up the next two sides and was finally finished at 11:35 PM. All I had to do was wash and dry it, then it will be ready to actually give to Alaina.

Wait a minute…what’s this?

It wasn’t square after all! That’s ok though. Nothing in life is perfect so why should I expect my quilt to be?! You can’t tell when it’s being used anyway. And, no it’s not as bad at that picture looks. It probably isn’t that noticeable to anyone but me and my OCD tendencies! Here’s the finished product!

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5 thoughts on “Sew-In and OPAM update

  1. Becky

    Hi. Tammy. Thanks for visiting me! I think your quilt is perfect. Shhh. You finished it, didn’t you? And it’s beautiful. It makes me feel good to know that things don’t always work out just the way we want them to (for me, hardly ever!) but it really doesn’t matter when you take in to consideration the love put into the creation and the happiness of the recipient.

  2. Celine

    Thank so much for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. I spent the rest of the week-end sorting out my fabric and I think I have identified which ones to use now. Will try to cut the clothes out and start sewing them this week. Well done on finishing your Sew-in And OPAM already!
    Best wishes,


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