Reality TV?

Today I was flipping through channels when I came across a show called Bridalplasty. What the heck is Bridalplasty?


I was completely floored. What makes these ladies think that they have to go through all of this plastic surgery to have a perfect wedding day? All of these ladies are beautiful the way they are. They don’t need nose jobs, boob jobs, tummy tucks. I understand that people undergo plastic surgery for specific reasons and that’s fine. It is your choice as to why you would have surgery. What I have a problem with is someone telling the “Bride to be” that she needs liposuction, a little tweak to her nose, bigger breasts, and skin removed in order to be beautiful on her wedding day.  A healthy diet and exercise does wonders for people. So, why not try that first before going under the knife?

Reality TV is not very realistic anymore. Not that it was ever a true interpretation of most people’s day to day life.

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