Flyin’ High Now

It’s a CrossFit day!! Today’s workout wasn’t too bad, except for the first run…that sucked.

Today’s Strength was Squat Thrusters 5 x 5. So, 5 rounds of 5 reps. We’re supposed to up the weight as we go. Michelle and I were paired up. We started with a 35# bar and ended with 55#s. That went pretty good. I need to work on keeping my elbows out so I create more of a shelf for the bar. The WOD started with a 200 meter sprint. Yep…sprint! Then 21-15-9 of pull ups and box jumps followed by another 200 meter run.

The sprint was tough…by the time I finished the run and crawled up on the box for my pull ups I thought I might get sick! I kept telling myself to breathe and it’ll go away. I did jumping pull ups since I can’t do a real pull up. However, I felt like my pull was going much better than it had been. Shane made me put a 25# weight on top of my normal step up box so it added about 1 1/2 to 2 more inches. That little bit made quite a difference. That sprint seemed to make everything else that much harder. It was tough to catch my breath. Shane said we should be able to finish the WOD within 10-12 minutes, which normally means 16-18 minutes for us! I ended up finishing in 10:04!! My last run was quite sad…not much of a run.

Michelle tried to get me to try the box jumps today with the small box but I couldn’t do it. Like she said, it’s completely psychological. In my head I see myself hitting the box with my toes and falling face first instead of landing on the box. I need to get over that and just do it. Maybe I should make my own box and try it at home. I tried to do some jumping when I got home on an imaginary box, but I think I would have tripped over it too! It seemed like I’m not getting my knees high enough. I’ll keep practicing and I’ll do it eventually. I also want to try to do a pull up with the green band. I just want to be able to do one pull up that’s not a jumping pull up!

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