Missing the Heat

I woke up this morning to a warm shower that kept getting cooler. Yep…you guessed it. It appears our hot water heater is having issues. Mike was able to get the pilot light lit again but it went right out. Then he tried to light it again a little while later and a fire ball came out. That was quite scary. Tomorrow morning will be started with a colllld shower. Yea! Can’t wait!

This afternoon was supposed to be a 40 minute walk/run day. I ended up wogging for 15 minutes, walked 5, wogged 15 more and finished it with a 5 minute walk. All in all, I was quite happy with how it went! This Sunday Mike wants to try to walk a 1/2 marathon, so I’ll get in as many miles as I can. I have several miles (14, I think) left to get in before the end of the month for January’s Going The Distance.

Next weekend Mike and I will be competing in the Bill Crews Remission Run in Conroe. I’m looking forward to it!

0 thoughts on “Missing the Heat

  1. Sasha

    Wogging! I’ll have to remember that. I have wogged but it’s better than nothing, right? So there. Your cold shower sounds horrible, I’m shivering just imagining that. I have seen the fireball in the past with a water heater in our former house, it’s very scary!

    1. Tammy

      Mike was very sweet to heat up some water for me to bathe in this morning! I felt like those pioneer ladies having the water drizzled over my head while I washed my hair! You’re right, wogging is better than nothing! I figure the more I do it, the faster I’ll get to where I’m actually jogging!


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