For the Love of Football

My husband is a huge football fan (Rams fan to be specific!) so what better place to visit than the Football Hall of Fame?! Mike and I loaded up into our Jeep and headed to Canton, Ohio during the Christmas holidays a few years ago. When I first saw the building I thought “wow…that’s a rather ugly building.” I’m not exactly sure what I was expecting, but this was not it! Of course, the building was erected in 1963 so that explains the dated look as well.

You may notice that it looks like there’s a football stuck in the roof. This particular football had all sorts of colored glass in the “seams” that was quite beautiful from the inside. When you first walk in and look up, this is what you’d see. 

The entire building is a lot larger than it appears from the outside. There are large pictures hanging, team histories, and football uniforms and gear from the beginning of the game. While I enjoy watching a game here and there on tv, I didn’t think I would want to spend much time at the HOF. However, the history of the game was very intriguing and the layout made it easy to see everything without feeling too rushed or overwhelmed.

Anyone who has seen clips of the HOF inauguration has seen the football inductees posing with their busts. Those busts are stored inside a circular room and give a feeling of being in a statue garden. The busts were very well done and it was a bit humbling seeing the older busts knowing that many years down the road, even if that player has passed on his bust will be in the HOF forever unchanged.

In the middle of the busts is a hologram of the ring given to each HOF inductee. It was so realistic, there was a kid that spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out where it was and how to grab it!

The next time I’m close to Canton and the Hall of Fame, I will probably swing by to see the new inductees and other additions.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of Football

  1. Annie

    While I am not a huge football fan (I so love the New England Patriots thoug), I do like architecture and history about the game so this would be a thrill to see. I like the building and the football in the roof adds “character.” I love the glass beads in the seams, too. I could get lost here learning about the history and seeing the architectural design. What might seem “ugly” to most, I usually end up finding fascinating. The pictures were great and I’m glad you enjoyed the trip to the HOF. I hope you get to go back some day to see how much more it has changed over the years.


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