I was at my local Barnes and Noble the other day looking through the stacks when my eyes feel upon an old friend.

He had changed over the years. When I first found this book it had a completely white dust jacket and a gnome that was quite as happy! While I was a constant presence in our school library in 5th-6th grade, Gnomes was the one book I checked out multiple times. Rien Poortvliet did a fantastic job bringing these little people to life with his sketches and Wil Huygen’s fertile imagination made this 12 year old wonder if maybe, just maybe, gnomes could have been real. The 35th anniversary edition includes some of Poortvliet’s sketches ready for framing. Of course, I couldn’t leave without bringing him home with me! Maybe I’ll mail the prints to my nephews so they can enjoy them as well!

What was one of your favorite childhood books?

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