Life’s Detours

It’s a very simple concept; people are born, grow, and eventually pass away. There is no way to stop the process, but plenty of ways to speed it up. Back in March my Grandmother had a series of silent strokes that put her into the hospital. She had some brain damage that resulted in her not being able to walk on her own (she didn’t walk by herself very well to begin with) and some problems with her short term memory.

After the hospital made sure she was out of harm’s way, they sent her to a physical therapy hospital where they worked with her on her walking and other motor skills. She was doing very well, and they even thought she was going to get to go home to live with my Aunt. Grandma was able to walk to and from her wheelchair. She was doing pretty good with her memory as well, although she still had some problems. Unfortunately, about two weeks ago she fell when she tried to get out of her bed to go to the bathroom.

The hospital staff picked her up and helped her out. Well, the next day the same thing happened. She also started getting more confused and antsy again. With this new development they sent her to a long term critical care hospital. Grandma is back to not being able to walk and is still confused on a normal basis. She knows who everyone is, but she just has a hard time remembering anything clearly that took place in the past 5 years or so. She is quite weak and isn’t eating much. A scan showed that she was having problems with her aortic valve. The valve is not functioning properly so the blood is not being pushed through her system like it should be. This is what caused her to fall. Her blood pressure got too low and she passed out. Now, the Cardiologist says that the valve needs to be replaced. Grandma is refusing to do the surgery and I can’t say I blame her. She is almost 82 years old and going through open heart surgery is a scary prospect.

So, at this time we are just spending the time we can with her and letting her know she is surrounded by love. I have many happy memories with her and will hopefully be able to add a few more before it is her time to continue her journey elsewhere.

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