My Second Favorite Day of the Year

Christmas is my favorite day, but in a close second comes Houston International Quilt Festival day!! I am rarely disappointed in any of the quilts on show. Each year my Aunt Linda and I pack up, get there before the doors open, then stay until the doors close…or we drop, which ever comes first. This year we did things a little differently. We started in the shopping area first, before looking at the quilts.

That wasn’t even 1/2 of the vendors there! I think we spent 4-5 hours shopping! I got some great goodies, but haven’t been able to take a picture of the stash yet because my battery died on my camera and I can’t find the charger. Whoops. We spotted familiar faces in the crowd!

Alex Anderson

Ricky Tims

They had some fantastic patterns and example quilts. This ws one of my favorites. The hand quilting is beautiful and I love how subtle the colors are. Reminds me of a winter landscape.

After resting our feet and filling our stomachs, we headed to the Quilts on display. This was a good move as there weren’t nearly the amount of people we normally have to wade through to get a good view and good pictures! We passed the Husband’s Lounge on our way and I had to snap a picture!

Right at the front was Ami Simms and her Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative. I love all Ami has done to help fight Alzheimer’s and she never fails to make me laugh with her blog. Such a great lady and one of the booths I look forward to seeing the most.

The quilts were beautiful, as usual! Here are a few to hold you over until my next post!

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