National Buy-A-Book Day

That’s right…Philip Athans is starting the trend today, September 7th, 2010. Why? As many book lovers know, bookstores have been struggling in sales for quite a while now (e.g. Barnes & Noble and Borders). Many people have been let go recently to help counter the decline in sales. From the looks of things, the “Big Boys” could be looking at closing or going into bankruptcy if things don’t pick up.

The purpose of National Buy-A-Book Day? To help spur sales for struggling bookstores. So, the challenge has been put forth. Go to a local bookstore (local will give more back to your immediate community, but if you prefer to go to chain that’s ok too) and buy a book at the normal asking price. Think of it as supporting a friend. I love books and bookstores. Personally, I would be quite beside myself if I couldn’t spend hours on end on a Saturday afternoon looking through book after book.

So, at lunch time you’ll find me going to buy my book! Which book? Which store? I’m not sure…but I’ll figure it out as I go.

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