Candied Apples

Good Morning and Happy Monday! As mentioned in my previous flash fiction post, Mondays bring new challenges. Please join me in creating a 1000 word, or less, flash fiction piece based on the photo below. Make sure you share the link to your work in the comments!


Candied Apples


“What are you supposed to be? Mothra?”


“Shut up, Doug. You’re just jealous because my costume is better than yours.”


“pfftt..Yeah, that must be it. Yours took twice the fabric mine did though!”


“You’re such an a…” Suddenly a vice grabbed my wrist and jerked my arm backward, pulling me to an abrupt stop.


“I have had enough of this. Doug, stop picking on your sister. Janelle, stop being so sensitive. If y’all don’t pull it together in the next 5 minutes we’re going home.” With that comment, Mom dropped our hands and trudged forward as though she was wanting to get as far away from us as possible. I had been waiting all year for the Halloween festival. There was no way Doug was going to ruin this for me. It took me four months to get my fairy costume perfected and I’d only be able to wear it for a few hours. True, I wasn’t the prototypical thin fairy, but I figured they came in all shapes and sizes too, just like humans did.


Doug was pouting as we walked toward Madame Bovine’s Fortune Telling Tent. Madame Bovine was actually Ms. Clausen, the fifth grade English teacher. Every year she’d put on her cow costume, complete with udders, and make up some fascinating tales for the kids waiting to have their future divined. I knew she was a fake. She told me last year that Doug and I would put our differences aside and become best friends. All year long I waited for Doug to stop being mean and start being a good brother, like those at school who protected their little sisters. Instead, he continued to push me into lockers, take my bags, and taunt me about my weight. That was ok though. I found ways to get back. Liquid soap is hard to see on a toothbrush but it foams up quite nicely!


“Mom, can I go get a candy apple? I don’t want to see Madame Bovine.”


“Like you need any more candy!” Doug blurted out, while at seemingly the same time Mom’s hand slapped him on the back of the head.


“Sure, Hon. Just make sure you come straight back here.” With that, she handed me a five dollar bill and I skulked over to the cafeteria. The best part about the Halloween festival was the large assortment of candied apples. There were chocolate covered, caramel, chocolate and peanut, chocolate and M&M, and the traditional red candy apple. The chocolate with peanuts was my favorite and I made sure I got one every year!


Miss Fredericks was dressed up as a witch, but instead of the typical crooked nose and black pointed hat she had on pink and black stripped leggings and bright pink hair topped with velvet floppy hat. She explained that she was a good witch and only good witches were colorful.


“Hi, Janelle! What will it be this year? Caramel?”


“No Ma’am, I’d like chocolate with peanuts please!” As Miss Fredericks ducked behind the counter to pull out my apple I could see her glancing at me.


“What’s the matter, Janelle? Why do you look so upset?”


“Oh, just Doug being a jerk. I wish you were a real witch. I’d give you my allowance for a year if you’d turn Doug into a toad!”


“That’s not a very nice thing to do. You should be kind to your brother. After all, he’s the only one you’ll ever have! As you get older, you’ll start getting along better. Try not to let him get to you.”


“That’s what Mom says too, but he never gets any nicer. Thanks for the apple. I’ll see you later.” With my apple in tow, I headed back toward Madame Bovine’s. Doug was coming out and Mom was glancing at her watch. We hardly ever stayed until the festival was over. Mom liked to get us home early, before the drunk drivers got on the roads she explained.


“Alright my little fairy and gremlin, let’s head home.” With a collective grumble Doug and I headed toward the car. I took a bite of my apple and closed my eyes in bliss as the combination of chocolate, peanuts, and juicy green apple played on my tongue. Suddenly, my apple was ripped from my hand. My eyes flew open to see Doug sinking his teeth into my apple. Anger took over as I turned to tell Mom what Doug had done but decided she would just get mad again. I turned back to Doug to inflict whatever punishment I could manage, but to my surprise he wasn’t there. My apple was on the ground and sitting next to it was a grey toad.


Smiling, I picked up the toad. “You and me are going to be best friends” I said as I slipped the toad into my pocket.

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