Two Blocks for Tracy

This weekend I finished up Tracy’s block for the Nittany Block Party Bee. Now, Tracy’s blocks almost didn’t happen because of a crafty pooch. My lovely darling, Ruby, stays locked up in her “room” during the day because she chews up everything. She should have been named Destroyer. Mike and I came home to see Ruby staring out the front door. Uh Oh…not good. Automatically I thought I had forgotten to lock her door. She’s so good about getting in her room in the mornings that it’s easy to forget that the door isn’t closed.

After a brief inspection, it was evident that wasn’t case.

This muscled up dog managed to pull the front of her crate down (it’s collapsible) and squeeze over the top to get out. Yep…she’s a little Houdini as well. How she managed to do that without hurting herself I’ll never know. It’s a little hard to tell, but there are only about 6 inches of space that she had to work with. So…the damage:

Evidently she got tired of playing with her kong toy (the purple octopus like object) since it doesn’t as many cool noises as paper being shredded into pieces. You’ll notice the squares of fabric laying around on the ground as well. Thankfully, she didn’t eat any of them (which she has done before). The white fabric had some smudges but I just turned it around so the smudges wouldn’t show!

She can sure play innocent well though! After going through and carefully checking each piece, sewing, pressing and sewing some more, I ran into a slight problem on the first one. Is it noticeable?

Yep, top right corner is wonky. The sad thing is, I ripped the seam out and re-sewed it because I thought I had it wrong the first time. Nope…had to do it again!

Ahhh…that’s better! Half square triangles (HST) are not my favorite. In fact, most of the time I go out of my way to pick patterns that don’t require them. However, I am very happy with the final product! I think all of the seams are 1/4 inch and the block is pretty square.

Now, on to Freida’s block which also has a ton of HST. By the time hers is done, I’ll be a pro!

What tricks do you have for keeping your HST square instead of stretching?

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