Fabric Postcards

Several years ago (2006), when I first started quilting, I joined a fabric postcard group with my Aunt Linda. The basic premise was to create 8 fabric postcards based on a certain theme each month and mail them off to the other people in the group. It was the most fun I had involving sewing. I wasn’t quite confident enough to join an online bee at the time, so this was a nice compromise.

Each month brought creative little pieces of art to my door. I’d look at them, eww and aww, show my husband, talk about them with my Aunt to see if she got something different, then I’d put them in a bag in my closet. That’s where they’ve stayed for the past 5 years. This morning, while grabbing my bags for Goodwill, I saw them sitting neglected…sad. Snatching them up along with my sewing bag, I decided I was going to do something with them to add color to my office. What I was going to do…wasn’t sure just yet.

I had so much fun going back through them this morning. I forgot how cute they were.

I spread them out on the floor and picked a handful that I really liked. After playing with  them for a little bit I decided I was going to sew them together to make a wall hanging. So, out came my needle and thread and I got to work!

The goal was to have the connection stitches show as little as possible so it looked like they were sewn together like a small quilt. I think it turned out alright.

But…to be honest, I think I like the back better! That’s not a shot against the artwork (which I love) but I like the look of postage stamps and handwriting. It’s a little odd, but I know I’m not the only one!

Last, I put some 3M removable velcro (or hook tape) on the back and stuck it to my wall that faces my desk.

Much better! Now there are actually colors on the wall instead of beige, tan, and cream!

What other things have y’all done with fabric postcards? I still have some Christmas themed ones to play with!


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