Oh, Didn’t Expect That

I’m going to take a break from Flash Fiction Mondays this week to talk a little bit about my work in progress. This past Saturday I drug my tush out of bed at 6AM to meet up with my running/workout partner for our run. After finishing almost 4 miles it was time to head to Borders for our Writers’ Guild meeting. This is only my third time meeting with the group and every time they ask me if I have any writing I want to share. So far, I haven’t had the guts to lay myself out there. However, I made a step in the right direction. I joined up with one of the other members, Laurie, to be crit partners. While I’m not yet brave enough to subject my writing to the entire group, I am willing to let Laurie dig in and tell me what she thinks.

Laurie is currently writing a YA Paranormal book and the first chapter was quite intriguing. Her use of imagery was outstanding. I have no doubt that once she begins the editing phase her novel will be in excellent shape. I’m quite excited to see how this partnership develops.

As far as my WIP goes, it took an unexpected turn last night. My novel was going to have some elements of fantasy and steampunk but not be overly so. Well, that all changed last night. This is definitely a fantasy novel. The world is being re-created and altered and I am having a blast with it! I also would have said this was going to be a romance, but I believe it’s leaning more toward a mystery with romantic undertones. I’ll know more the further I get into the story.

Do you find your story changing when you least expect it? How do you handle that? Do you go with the flow or write it down for perusal at a later date?

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