The Biltmore Grounds and Garden

The first time I visited the Biltmore Estates, it was winter so all of the outdoor flowers  and trees weren’t in bloom. I will be going back this march and hope to add more pictures here of the garden and grounds in bloom.

As you start exploring the garden you’ll spot the original garden keeper’s house. I love the stone walls…beautiful!

While the flowers were not in bloom, you could still make out the design the different gardens have. There were four separate designs, with a wooden walkway going on direction and a gravel walkway going the other in between each one.

The walkway leads to a greenhouse that’s full of beautiful plants and flowers. Since it was Christmas time there were several poinsettias as well.

The flowers were gorgeous…not a brown spot anywhere.

They also had some odd plants that I had never seen. Like this pineapple bush, or whatever it is!

Once we finished with the gardens we went walking some of the trails on the grounds. There was a nice lake and a pond we came upon.

The walk was very relaxing and enjoyable. If they would let me build a small cottage over by the pond, I would be a happy camper!

We had a cardinal that seemed to be following up as we were walking the trails closer to the house.

I’m looking forward to my second visit when the estate should be flourishing in color!

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