Muddy Trails 5K 2010

Today was the day! This was Mike and my third time to participate in the Muddy Trails Race. I kept with the 5K but Mike did the 10K. This year there were about 2000 participants. Every year more and more join, which is good! When you first walk up to the pavilion there were a ton of tents set up with different vendors. The bluebonnets were beautiful!



It is a beautiful area but the temperature was up to 90-91 degrees…a little too hot for my taste! I was already dewy before the race started!



My cousin Kelly and her husband Mark were there as well.



My friend, Michelle, was there as well. She came with her hubby Jesse. Jesse was there for moral support…I decided about 1/2 way through the race that I should have seen if he would hold my camera for me too!



The 10Kers started 10 minutes before the 5K did.



I usually make sure I’m at the end of the group when it’s time to start because I get passed up anyway…so I may as well save them the trouble and keep me from starting to fast.



The first quarter mile was on the road heading right into the sun. It was brutal. But these little guys cheered it up a little!



I passed a few people on my trail. I walked the whole thing, except for the end. I ran the last little bit, which I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do. In fact, I think I was “running” slower than my walking pace! Coach Liz met up with me at the last turn and finished it with me. The 10K route weaved in and out of the 5k trail so we were passed by many of the 10Kers. When Mike ran by (around mile 2) he smacked my butt. The guy running behind him found that quite funny. It was good to see him! He finished his 10K about 10 minutes before I finished my 5K. Mike’s official time was 54:12. The 10K group started 10 minutes before the 5K.


It was called the Muddy Trails race, but it was all sand. Dusty Trails would have been more like it. There was a tall hill that was torture because it was about 3-4 inches of loose sand to trudge through. It was definitely harder than the pavement I’ve been training on! I was glad to be done. I finished about 55 minutes (Official time was 54:40). I was wanting to finish in 50, but that’s ok. I have another 5K in 3 weeks where I hope to increase my time. I was having some breathing issues (the sand was hanging in the air) and I think I used all I had in that race. I was about ready to pass out and call it a day at the end! The entire last mile I kept thinking “Why do people do this? Are they really enjoying themselves?” So, I guess I have a ways to go yet before I’m an athlete! hahaha


Mike and I got home and he gave me my reward!



Mmmmm….Ben and Jerry’s! This small carton had 200 calories…yikes. Imagine how much a pint would have! Yes, I would have finished the whole pint if I had one so Mike did well in getting the small one. It was the perfect size for getting that sweet taste!


All in all, it was a good day!

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