How Far Have I Come?

This is post #100! What better way to celebrate the 100th post than to post some progress pictures. The below picture is from the end of October 2009. I was about 235 pounds here.

The next photo is from today, 4/4/2010. I’m down to about 214 pounds in 5 months. I should have lost quite a bit more, but I’m happy to be down 21 pounds.

I don’t see a big difference in between the two pictures except for my face. My pants are slightly smaller in the second picture than the first too. Now…are you ready for it? Here’s a picture from the beginning when I was around 250 lbs. I believe I started at 248. Shield your eyes from oh so white legs!

I’m happy with how far I’ve come so far. I could have been much further, but that’s my fault. I wasn’t as strict on my food intake or my exercise output! However, I feel many of the changes I’ve made have become lifestyle changes. I’ll be below 200 in the next 5 months, hopefully. Then I’ll set my final goal from there!

Mike challenged me to take a picture dressed in the same clothes as above to see the progress. So I did…unfortunately, it didn’t make me feel any better! In fact, I don’t see a 34 pound difference. The biggest change I see is that the pants are not as snug as they were in the first picture. But, my legs are still not a pretty sight! But, I’m putting it all out there!

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  1. Sasha

    Well, I can see the difference in your face and thighs! Isn’t it funny how it takes us longer to see the difference in ourselves that other people can see? *sigh*


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