Thursday’s Grind

My workout went pretty well yesterday. I didn’t push too hard as I wanted to be fresh for the race on Saturday. I went to my normal treadmill and started my warm-up. As I’m moving along an older gentleman hopped on the treadmill to my right. I’m not sure if he was having back issues or was trying to open a conversation but he kept turning his upper body to face me while still walking forward. It was really a rather impressive feat if I do say so myself. However, I refused to make eye contact because I don’t like talking to strangers while I’m trying to get my workout on.

The plan of attack for this 5K is to walk 4 minutes and run 1. Of course, that will be done as many times as necessary until I finish. Mike and Michelle are doing the 10K, so we should be finishing close to the same time! It’s also supposed to be cooler tomorrow morning than it has for the past few days…thank goodness!

Good luck to rest of you peeps! I’ll let you know how Saturday goes.

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