A friend of mine told me to try My Net Diary for the Iphone. I had already tried LoseIt and I enjoyed it, I just got tired of inputting my food info (for recipes, etc). Since I told her I’d try it out, I downloaded it today. Ok…I’ve literally only used it once and so far I’m quite excited about it!

Why? It’s the same thing as LoseIt, right? No, it’s not. The one KEY component that MyNetDiary has that LoseIt doesn’t is a barcode scanner. I grabbed my Kind bar, and thought “ugh…I gotta enter this all in again”. But no…I used the barcode scanner, it scanned just fine and found ALL of the nutritional info and imported it into my food log for me!! How cool is that?!

It also has a lot of features, such as being able to keep track of your vitamins/prescriptions and keeping notes. You can also enter in your exercise schedule you’d like to follow for the week. So far, I’m quite impressed. I’m just using the free version at the moment. I went ahead and signed up to their web version as well so I can interact with the community (e.g. my friend if I can find her!). The web version is just as nice, if not nicer. There is an endless amount of data at your fingertips and it has a blog (not that I need one) for those of you that thought about starting one for your weight loss but just haven’t done it.

So, look me up if you decide to give it a try. My public name is just Tambo. I’ll see how long I can stick with this and what my thoughts are after a week!

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