Day 4, and Failure

Today  I went to the International Quilt Festival with my Aunt. I knew I wouldn’t eat well as they don’t have any healthy choices there and there are no restaurants within walking distance. The day started off with me getting pancakes. No, I didn’t have to get them, but I figured one high calorie meal wouldn’t hurt.


We spent 4 hours walking around, then went in search of lunch. They had pizza, loaded potatoes, burritos, loaded taco salad, corndogs…health food! I went to the build your burrito line and got a bowl of rice, black beans, and some cheese. I didn’t think it would be too terribly bad with calories but high in carbs. It looked good, but tasted horrible. Then, it happened. My Aunt Linda pulled out a snickers bar and handed me half of it. I took it….and I ate it. I told myself that I didn’t want to be rude by refusing her offer, but the truth was I wanted it…I wanted the chocolaty goodness. Did I enjoy it? Not really. To be honest, the memory of the treat was much better than the real thing. So, now I was feeling defeated by my poor food choices.


On the way home we stopped at Texas Roadhouse and I had 3 of their dinner rolls with cinnamon butter, chicken strips with white gravy, green beans, and steak fries. Yep….I reverted back to the way of thinking “I’ve already blown today, one more bad choice can’t make it any worse.” Ohhhhhh….you poor, silly girl. Since when has eating fried chicken pieces coated in bread and dipped in calorie/fat laden gravy and fried potatoes the size of my finger become a meal that wouldn’t “hurt” anything?



So, I made some very poor choices today. What does that tell me? I need to get my head whipped into shape and start taking better care of myself. I’m not happy with my choices, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it either. It’s time to recognize where I went wrong, identify the better choice for future use, and move on. I’m expecting to be up on weight on Friday just because of all the SALT I consumed last night.


The good news is, I did get a 3 mile workout in. So…not all was lost!


***update*** calorie intake is calculated around 2714.

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