Nice Day For a Workout

What a gorgeous day it was today! It was a little on the warmer side but that’s alright. So far I’ve done better on my diet than I have been doing. No more sneaking in cheese or rice here or there. Friday is weigh in day…so that’s a big motivating factor!

We started today practicing Kipping Pull Ups as our skill. I think I’m getting the swing down pretty good. The biggest problem I have is my grip. It gives out quite quickly. I still can’t do a pull up, but that’s ok. It’ll come eventually. Michelle and I also practiced kipping after the WOD. With the band I felt like I have a better chance of actually doing the pull up, but I also felt like my feet were flinging way in front of me. Again…my grip gave out quickly.

The WOD was 21-15-9 of Hang Cleans (45#) and Ring Dips. I hadn’t done the hang cleans before so I wasn’t sure what to think about weight. I think I may have been able to do a little more, even though I was struggling a little toward the end. I wasn’t struggling as much as I normally do though. I can honestly say no one was smiling like the guy in the picture below…come on now!


On my last round of ring dips, I went to my rings and someone had put a huge red box over my smaller box I was using which made me eat extra time up while putting everything back…I think someone is trying to sabotage me! Last time Courtni took my bar away before I was done, this time someone covered my box…seams suspicious to me! lol I ended up finishing the WOD in 5:43. I was pretty stoked by that time. Especially considering I’ve been coming in last the past few times.

After we finished our workout I asked Shane if it was better to do a push up by going down as far as you can then pushing back up or by lowering yourself all the way to the floor and pushing yourself back up. He said it’s definitely better to go all the way to the ground because you get a full range of motion instead of stopping half way down. So, from now on that’s how I’ll do my push ups. He also showed us a way to strengthen our triceps…it was a bit painful after a bit and I got all shaky but if it helps, I’m all for it!

****Edit**** As I’m sitting here thinking through my workout, I don’t think I did the ring dips right. Shane kept saying to make sure the rings were under your armpits, which mine where, but I think he meant more make sure the rings are in your armpits, which mine were not. Dang it. I told my husband that I didn’t think I did my ring dips right to which he said “probably not.” wth? Where’s the love! He was joking of course but now I feel like I cheated. It wasn’t intentional…honest. Now I want to do it again the right way.

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