Race Swag

After I finished my WOD this morning I headed over to pick up Mike and my race packets. I can’t believe the 1/2 marathon is tomorrow! The butterflies are starting. The race packet had some great swag in it.

My favorite part is the socks. “Suck it up Cupcake!” The LaraBar was way too sweet. It’s been a while since I’ve had any of those in a long time but I didn’t remember them being that sweet. I only took one bite then through the rest away.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow but at the same time I’m quite nervous. Right now my neighbors are shooting and it’s really putting me on edge. I wish I could turn off the cringing it makes me feel, but I just can’t help it. The only good thing is, this is the first time in a long time since they’ve done this. Let’s hope it’s a long time until the next bout as well.

So…here are the before and after pictures for this month.

Date: 2/25/11       3/25/2011
Bust:  41.5              41
Waist: 38                37.5
Hips:  46.5             45
Calf:   18                  18
Thigh: 28                27
Bicep: 14.25         14.25
Neck:  13.5            13.5

Woohoo! I’ve lost 3 1/2 lbs this month. Outstanding! I didn’t see a big difference in the pictures from February to March (the photos above are from December to March) but it’s nice to see some inches lost as well. The fact that it appears my thighs have lost some girth makes me a happy girl! I’ve been waiting for them to budge for the past couple of months.

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