Making Adjustments

It’s Tuesday….you know what that means! Yep, CrossFit time. I wasn’t sure if I should go today since my feet were still hurting (heel blisters) from the half marathon on Sunday. My fear was I would have to run and I know I wouldn’t be able to.

Today’s strength was the Clean. We paired up and did 4 rounds of 3 reps. Michelle and I paired up and started with just the 45# bar. The next round was 55#s, then 65#, then 75#s, and since everyone else was still going we did 85#s. 85 was the magic number for both Michelle and I. We both got 2 good cleans in but struggled for the third.


The WOD was supposed to be 4 rounds of 25 Competition Style Push Ups, 10 Dumbbell Snatches and a 400 Meter Run. However, since I wasn’t able to do the run, Shane let me ride the bike for 2 minutes each round instead. The competition style push ups are where you go all the way to the ground and lift your hands off the mat to show you’re all the way down, then push back up. Since I’ve been doing the 100 Push Up Challenge, I’ve been able to do 10-12 push ups without stopping so I was making pretty good time on my first couple of rounds. My last two rounds were a little different story. I was having a hard time keeping my back straight when coming up (instead of “snaking”, as Shane calls it). I also was having to stop after 7 or 8 and rest a little bit.

The dumbbell snatches were great. In fact, I don’t think I had enough weight. Shane told us to use a 25# dumbbell last time I used a 25# dumbbell too. I should have gone up to 30# or 35#s. Next time I will make sure I go up in weight. I have to say I think the dumbbell snatches are one of my favorite weight exercises.

The bike went well. I tried to peddle fast for the whole 2 minutes. The seat was highly uncomfortable! However, I’ll gladly take a sore tush over throbbing feet any day. I think Thursday I’ll be back to being able to run. At least I’m hoping I am. I’ve also decided to get some new shoes with the hope that it will help. I finished the WOD in 17:53.

I was happy with how today’s workout went. That usually means I’ll get knocked on my ass next time!

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