Just When You Think You’re Doing Ok…

Whap….CrossFit slaps you back down. Today’s workout kicked my butt.

100 Squat Thrusters (65# rx)
Every time the bar hits the floor you run 200 Meters

I was going to start with just the 45# bar. After all, 100 squat thrusters is a lot. But, then Michelle said “let’s do 65#.” So, I loaded my bar up and got ready to start. When we squat, we have to touch the med ball to make sure we get low enough. I got through 7 or 8 thrusters before I was having trouble getting the bar over my head. Normally, I would squat some then try to explode up to push the weight; However, with going that low in the squat I couldn’t explode. Technically, I guess it became more of a squat press than a thruster at that point. I wanted to drop down to 55# but there weren’t any 5lb weights left, so I stuck with the 45# bar.

There’s no telling how many runs I made. Probably 8 or 9. So, I got a mile in because I couldn’t keep the bar off the ground. On my last two rounds I started resting the bar on my back. The hardest part was pulling the bar back in front. If I would have that of that earlier I think I could have done more.

We had a 25 minute cut off. In 25 minutes I got in 65 thrusters and about a mile run. I wasn’t happy with my performance. I know if I stuck with 65# I wouldn’t have gotten that many reps but I’m upset with my performance. My upper body strength is crap. Tomorrow’s another day! Besides, last time I was only able to do the 35# bar. That’s a small improvement.

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