Rip It!

Front Squats

Last time I PR’d with 105#, this time I PR’d with 115#!


3 Rounds
30 Overhead Squats (45#)
10 Pull Ups (black band)
200 Meter Run

Finished in about 15-17 mins. Don’t know the official time.

Today’s workout was hard, hard, hard for me. My stabilization muscles aren’t very strong and that was evident with how much my arms were wobbling. On the last round Shane was spotting me because I was having some problems. It was just me, Michelle and Cortni working out. Shane had us try the weight out then made the comment that if we needed to go down in weight to do it at that time instead of in the middle of the workout. Michelle and Cortni can do 45# without too much trouble – me on the other hand…. I was using one of the new bars which Michelle said she had trouble with it being slick. She was right, my hands were slipping. Shane came over and asked if my hands were slipping so I said yes.

“You want another bar?”
“The same weight?”

He could tell I was struggling on the first round but I did not want to drop down to the 35#. While I was slow, I’m still happy that I was able to push through it and finish with what I started.

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