Quads On Fire

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 5 and as I reached over to shut it off my shoulders growled at me. I hadn’t had that much arm pain in a long time. It was hard to brush my hair! When I finally rolled my butt out of bed my left calf was obviously still angry with me too. As the afternoon went on my quads started getting more sore as well. Needless to say, I felt like I’d aged 40 more years overnight!

This morning my arms felt better. They were still tender when I stretched but I was able to raise my arms overhead without wincing; however, my legs were worse. So, when I found out what we were doing today, I wasn’t very happy.


4 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
Squat Thrusters (65#)

As many thrusters as possible in 4 minutes after the run. 1 minute rest in between.
Round 1: 11
Round 2: 11
Round 3: 9
Round 4: 10


This was the first time I had used 65# on Squat Thrusters. I was happy with my consistency but not necessarily with the number. My arms were a bit sore as we got going but after the first round I didn’t notice it so much. All I can say is…it was hard. My run got slower and slower. All in all, I feel I ended the week on a positive note. Tomorrow I get to go to Charlaine Harris’ book signing! Very excited!

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