Evernote, How I Love The

I’ve used Evernote for the past few years as a way to keep track of random thoughts, notes, writing ideas, etc. Just recently I figured out that I could use Evernote to keep track of my fabric stash! How awesome is that? If you’re anything like me, your fabric stash is large and steadily growing. Since I’m somewhat lazy I haven’t broken out the rubber totes/bins and separated out all of my fabric by color, genre, pattern… Instead, it looks like this:



The biggest problem is trying to find the fabric I’m looking for or to see if I have fabric that will fit my needs. This is where Evernote has really evolved for me. Now, I’m taking photos of all of my fabric and adding any pertinent information (Name, Maker, Artist).


I’m also able to use the tags to mark the main color, content (novelty, animals, etc), and how much yardage I have.



Many of my fabrics are fat quarters or cut so I don’t have all of the information I would like, but now I’ll be able to enter that information on my phone while I’m at the quilt store. Plus, I can geotag the location so I remember which store I bought it from!

The other cool thing with Evernote, I can look strictly at the photos on my phone if I don’t want to search. This will come in handy when I’m at the store:


Now, back to it! One stack down, 50 more to go…

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