Happy New Year!

It’s that time of the year…the end. Tonight is just another night for Mike and I since we’re not the type to go out and party on New Year’s. Tomorrow is my 1/2 marathon and I’m getting incredibly nervous! It was supposed to be a full marathon, but then I had some knee issues and decided to drop it down after my 14 mile mishap.


They had the year’s mascot (Year of the Pig!) out at the park when I went to pick up my race packet today.



The bag was a nice small duffel bag that said “Texas Marathon” on it and inside the bag was another bag (metal sawing tech), some info on other races, an awesome green shirt, and a $500 gift certificate to RedStar Worldwear. Come to find out, RedStarWW is basically nothing but sunglasses that average about $80. How many sunglasses does a person need?! It was still a very generous offer.



My bib number is 673. I think I’ve mentioned before about having a thing with numbers (adding them up). I have a tendancy to take a number, like my bib number, and add it up until I get to a single digit number. For example, 6+7+3=16, 1+6=7. So, in this case…I have a lucky number! Let’s hope it helps me beat my PR of 3:39 at Angie’s 1/2.

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