Projects Galore!

This year I’ve been bitten by the creative project bug. It didn’t hurt. Well…it may hurt my pocket book later on! First, I’ve decided to do a photo a day challenge. I don’t have any specific list of photos, just something that inspires me or I find interesting. Just to keep this blog from getting inundated, I’m putting it on my other photo blog. Most of them will also be posted on Instagram, along with anything else I want!

My other project I found when lurking on Ali Edwards’s blog. I’ve mentioned her before and find her blog full of great ideas and give aways! This project is the 2012 Memory Logbook.


¬†While I have not had much success in keeping up with a journal or diary on a daily basis, this logbook looked a like something that would be easier to work with. I don’t necessarily have to write anything, I can just put pictures, napkins, receipts, whatever I want to jog a memory for that day. Yes, I realize I’m already a week behind but that’s ok! I’ll get caught up pretty quick. I ordered the downloadable version so I could put it in a sturdy binder. I tend to be rough with my books/planners!

I can’t wait to get started and see how it turns out! I have some other projects I’m eyeballing as well, but two is probably plenty for the time being!

What projects do you have going this year?

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