Grids & Grommets Completed!

Woohoo…I finally got my bag done! AND…it just yells Spring! I used the Wildflowers Jelly Roll to make the small jelly roll bag.

I stitched in the ditch with a green variegated thread which blended in well with the flowers! However, I almost ran out of thread when quilting the body. It was my lucky day though because I had jussst enough to finish it off!

I cut out some coordinating fabric for the lining:

Then I used some left over strips from the jelly roll for the handles:

The body of the purse was easy to put together. I like how the green fabric (some of my favorite fabric ever! but I can’t remember the name of it) looks like grass.

The lining gave me a little bit of trouble. Ok, so the trouble was really just me not paying attention. I sewed the pockets on wrong and folded it wrong way at first. It was a long day and I wasn’t paying attention. So, I ripped it all out and redid it the next day. To my delight, I had no problems the second go ’round!

I stitched the lining into the purse and it was time to add the grommets. There was something satisfying about seeing these little grommets go together with a snap and make it look nice and crisp!

Add some handles and Waaallaa!! A beautiful purse for Spring!

I’m using it today…and I must say I love the size of it! I have plenty of room for all of my junk that eventually finds its way into my purse!

2 thoughts on “Grids & Grommets Completed!

  1. eileensideways

    those are some bigggggg grommets! u must have to heavy duty hammer those babies in. love your fabric choices. great purse.


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