Happy March!!

Wow…March already. How did we get 3 months into 2012 when it feels like Thanksgiving was just yesterday? Shall we take a look at February’s workouts and see how we did?

Daily Mile’s list for February (Wish they had a calendar view!):

And Lose it! for my food:

So, the good news is my eating had more green days (below calorie goal) than red (whoops!). The bad news is, I skipped a whole week (the first week) of working out in February but have managed to start going more consistently again. All in all, I think February went pretty well even though I didn’t lose any weight or inches. Okay, so I lost 1/2 a pound and a 1/4 inch off my arms. However, with all of the candy I ate through January and into February that’s not too shabby!

I think I’m a month behind in MMEW because I started later in January. That’s throwing me off a bit! Will try to adjust. In the meantime, here is one of my pages from Feb.

Time Stealers & Solutions:

Reading – Set a scheduled amount of time for reading

The World Wide Web – Stay off of the computer when I get home

Long work hours – Cook most of the meals over the weekend

Poor cooking skills – Challenge myself with different recipes/menus

Laziness – Suck it up, Buttercup!

Technically, these were things I should have been doing for February, but since I was a month behind I was thinking I’d do them for March. So, now I’m all goofed up! I’ll still try to do these for March since I’ve not done any (except the last) all month!

How did your February go? Drop me a line and tell me about your accomplishments!

Hang in there and AVOID THE EASTER CANDY!!

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