How Sweet it is!

Today I’m celebrating 30 days of no sugar! Now, by no sugar I mean no extra sugar. No cakes, candy, cookies, fruit chews, jello, muffins, donuts, etc… My biggest temptations during all of this has been:

and these:

My first week was the hardest. It took everything I had not to go up to Walgreens and binge on chocolate. CHOCOLATE!!! I’ve tried this before with very limited success. So, I’m happy with my progress and hope to be able to get several more days down. In May I go on a cruise to Alaska with my Mom and I know my diet will probably be out the window that entire week. Just keeping it real!

Something I’d like to point out. Since I’ve stopped eating sugar (and gluten in general) I’ve lost a few pounds but a lot of bloat. I don’t feel like a stuffed sausage anymore. Plus, I can cross my legs under my desk! Before, I had to turn to the side (so my legs weren’t under the desk anymore) to be able to cross my legs and that wasn’t all that comfortable! Yeehaw!

What is one of your favorite non-scale victories?!

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