Oh, Yes I Did!

I did it. I caved in. After waiting what seems like years for the Harry Potter series to be available in e-book format I bought the whole dang series in one swoop!

And…I’m excited to see the covers I love instead of the many other variations! I bought them to read on my Kindle, but thankfully I have the ability to download the books up to 8 times so if I ever decided to go with a different reader, I can still read my books! You can’t buy the books through Amazon (or B&N, or whatever your choice reader). You have to purchase the books from Pottermore then download to your device. If you link your account (in my case, Amazon) with your Pottermore account you can download the books directly to your device instead of downloading to the computer and then putting them on the e-reader. Thankfully, it’s not nearly as convoluted as it sounds and they walk you through the process relatively painlessly.

What books have you been waiting to come out in e-book format?

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