Goodbye, Not Farewell

Yesterday was my last workout with my trainer, Neal. I met Neal at CrossFit Deer Park when the girls and I started in Nov of 2010. Eventually, he stopped attending the classes and started teaching the new start up classes at the gym. He was already very professional with his students and you could tell they enjoyed him being there.

He helped with our class from time to time and I was always pleased to have him there. There were times when my Coach, Shane, would be too concerned with other clients that he paid no attention to whether my form was good or not but Neal stayed on my butt. Back in October/November 2011 Neal left the gym. I was sad to see him go, but figured he had bigger and better things lined up. Of course, now I know there were issues and he made the right choice for him at that time.

I stayed at the gym for the rest of that month since I had paid up but I was already feeling disenchanted with it. Four of us started at the gym and after a year I was the only one left. On my year anniversary, no one said a thing. Not one thing. I’m not asking for a big celebration, but just an acknowledgement of the hard work and my patronage for the year would have been nice. “Congrats on your year anniversary!” That’s all I wanted to hear. It was at that point that I decided I needed to move on as well. My Coach at the time was having fun with his friends (most of the members were personal friends of his) and I think just assumed I’d show up because I had been 2 to 3 times a week for the past year. As of this writing, I haven’t heard one word from the gym since I left. That’s not the way to get returning business people! Then again, maybe my membership wasn’t that important after all.

That’s me in the pink shirt killing over, the guy staring at me on the left is Neal, and my Coach at that time? He’s the guy in the back looking at the table.

My goal was to get healthier and I didn’t feel the gym was helping me get toward that goal anymore. So, I left. I started running at the park by work when I saw Neal there with some clients. That next week I tried his class out and was hooked from then on. We’ve been meeting up at the park Mondays and Wednesdays to workout and it’s been great!

 Neal was offered a job to help open a CrossFit box near Austin, CrossFit Dripping Springs. While I am happy that he found an amazing opportunity in a beautiful area, I’m quite bummed that he’s leaving. He says he’s going to keep up with our workouts via the web, but we’ll see how long he stays in touch!

Now, I have more reason to be jealous of all the Austinites! However, at least now I have a place to workout when I go visit family!

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