Heavy Equipment

Well, we did it. We purchased our first piece of heavy equipment! Behold, the skid steer:

Mike has been wanting to get a skid steer for quite a while, even going to an auction to try and bid on one. However, nothing came of that trip. Mike found a place not too far from our house that sells used equipment and found this beauty. He had some fun test driving it.

The scariest part was hauling it home on our trailer. The skid steer was almost 6000lbs and we weren’t too sure if our little trailer could handle that much weight.

We made it home without any issues! Mike then took it out for a test spin, getting it stuck several times. In fact, it’s still sitting next to our bridge because we can’t get it out of the ditch! We’re hoping the ground will firm up some tonight and we’ll be able to drive it out tomorrow.

There were several butterflies on our driveway that were quite pretty. I don’t think I’ve seen them around before. They kept flitting around and landing in the same area. Gorgeous critters!

Do you know the difference between a moth and a butterfly?

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