Just Wingin’ It!

I have been wanting to make a wallet for quite a while now I just hadn’t had the time to sit down and do it. This past Sunday I woke up early and decided to spend part of the day working on that goal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere in my sewing room. I looked everywhere and the only thing I can decide is the sewing elves are using it at the time being. I’m sure they’ll replace it when they’re done!

However, I decided NOT to let something as menial as a pattern keep me from making my wallet! So, I decided to wing it.

Get it?! Wing it?…oookkaay..moving on! I fell in love with this fabric and thought it was be fun to use. I used fusible fleece for this project and just stitched together the front and inside fabrics.

My main request was for multiple credit card slots. I have several cards (borders rewards, petsmart, etc) and like to have them with me just in case I happen to stop by one of the places on a whim! This was a little difficult for me to get right…well…I didn’t get it right, but it works just as well! I started by folding and pressing the fabric, then testing it out to see if it held my cards right.

Once I was happy with it, I straight stitched along the edges for durability and I also stitched the back part (bottom of the folds) down to another layer of fusible fleece.

I then measured the right width needed for each card and divided my material so it would hold 6 cards.

So far so good! The only change I would make at this point would be to put some sort of stabilizer behind the card fabric. I think it could have used a little more substance. Ok, on to the other side!

It was time to sew and press the binding and I was almost done!

The layers got a little thick for my sewing machine when I tried to machine stitch the binding instead of hand finishing it. However, I got it done! Next time though, I will hand stitch the binding on. By the way, I love the binding material with the birds!

The only thing I’m missing is a place for my change. I am going to make a small coin purse that will fit in the space behind the cards on the right hand side (opposite of my dollar bills!). It isn’t perfect, but I think it’s darn cute! What do you think?

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