Dadgum Rodents…

This past weekend I bought this super nifty “keep the squirrels away” bird feeder from Lowes in the hopes that my fat squirrels would leave the seed to my poor, starving birds.

Monday, I came home to this:

I’m pretty sure my cardinals didn’t unscrew the feeder from the pole. Yes, the albeit cute, rodents somehow unscrewed this:

From this:

Did you notice the slinky on the pole? Yeah, that was another brilliant idea I had to try to keep the cuddly monsters out of the bird feeder. Obviously, that didn’t work either! In my mind, Rocky grabbed hold of the cage and pushed himself around and around using the pole with said slinky protector. I’m sure they had a jolly good time with it as well!  So much so that the extra piece that covered the larger hole on the feeder was missing for a bit. We found it a little later a few feet from the crime scene.

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