The past 3-4 years have really been full of trial and error as far as trying to get healthier. I’ve lost some weight, gained some weight, lost some more, gained some more…you get the picture. However, in the last 2 years I feel that I’ve finally figured out how to embrace this lifestyle. Instead of going back to my binging on almond m&ms and other sugary death, I’ve been able to enjoy small pieces here and there to satisfy that craving. I’ve also been exercising consistently for 2 years. That means, I’ve missed no more than about a week at a time and that was usually because I was on vacation. Shoot, even when Mom and I went on our cruise I was able to keep working out!

So, I think I have finally figured out how to make this work for me…for the most part! I’m also a lot more aware of things around me that help push me toward health. This weekend a couple of items jumped out at me that I don’t think I would have seen in stores a year ago. Not just because I wasn’t necessarily looking, but because society wasn’t looking. It seems the American People are finally starting to get healthy and that’s bleeding over to commerce. The first thing that caught my attention was a new candy.

This was an end cap at Walgreens with four different types of Unreal: Candy Unjunked choices (peanut butter cup, snickers type candy bar, m&m type, and I can’t remember the last one). I didn’t buy one, mainly because I don’t want to get dependant on “healthy substitutes” because most of the time they aren’t all that healthy. However, it was very interesting to see it so prominently displayed!

The calories were about the same as a normal candy bar (I think 60 cal difference or so). I also believe it was made with cane sugar but unfortunately, I didn’t get a shot of the ingredients. Not too bad for someone trying to stay away from artificial sweeteners and hydrogenated oils.

The other item of interest for me was a Paleo Magazine. I did Paleo for a while and had good results with it. Overall, I think it’s probably one of the healthier ways of eating but it’s also restrictive and if you’re not ready to give up legumes, grains,  and dairy then it’s not for you! You may want to check out the Primal way of eating in that case. The magazine was beautifully made with thick paper.

While I have to say a lot of the information in the magazine can be found by searching blogs and following people on twitter, it was nice to have it all in one place. There were a couple of tasty looking recipes, some details from recent studies (research roundup), and interviews (go getters). There’s a small section where they post tweets and other items found online (word on the streets) that I found fun. One tweet in particular peaked my interest:

I like the simplicity of the equation, but definitely need to do a little more research into Jill and “the simple math of eating” to see how she came to those conclusions. Plus, vegetables are still carbs…so saying Protein + Carbs = Muscle Gain and Protein + Vegetables = Fat Loss is a little misleading, in my opinion.

That being said, I’m contemplating ordering a digital subscription of the magazine. I found the flow of ideas and ease of reading a plus. It’s easy to get caught up in scientific “talk” when discussing nutrition and health, but this magazine tries to make everything understandable by the layperson.

I’m liking the changes I see in myself, but I’m also liking the changes I see in my environment! Grass-fed beef and free range chicken is more readily available as are organic fruits and vegetables. It also seems like local farmer’s markets are starting to be revived some. I can’t wait until we have one open close to our house!

What changes have you seen out and about that have made an impact on you?

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  1. Juliann

    I have noticed that calorie counts are easier to find these days. I have been so good about not buying junk. Every once in awhile, I will pick up a snicker’s peanut butter bar at the checkout stand and treat myself 🙂 I have been looking at eating plans this summer, trying to figure out how to help hubby lose a few pounds(big time back problems=weight gain)and Paleo keeps coming up but I am just not sold on the restrictions. I am pouring through my clean eating magazines this week, hoping to come up with a plan that will get me going on good eating before I head back to work next month.


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