I Love the Smell of Oxygen

Oxygen doesn’t smell? Of course it does, and it’s incredibly sweet! On Monday, 10/8/12, I went in for my 4th dilation and I’m hoping my last one (as I hope every time). Battling with tracheal stenosis is becoming incredibly tiring and I just want it to go away!

The morning started at 4:00 since we had to leave at 4:30. Traffic was a bit busier than I thought but we got to the hospital with about 20 minutes spare. Unfortunately, I was in such a state that I couldn’t find the right place to go to. I knew it was floor 7, but apparently I was using the wrong elevator. Thankfully, a nice nurse at the information center pushed us in the right direction. As soon as I got to the check in they whisked me back to the room.

I got all stripped down and dolled up in my hospital attire. I had a new nurse this time, Carol, but she was very sweet and efficient. The worst part about the beginning is putting the IV in. Why do those have to hurt so much? Once all the fuss and bother was done, it was just a matter of waiting for the doctors to come by, then wait again to be wheeled back.

Mike always stays with me until we hit the mistletoe! They have a spot where the mistletoe hangs so your sweetie can give you a kiss before they go to the waiting room. They pushed me into the operating room, which I swear was a freezer! I helped them move me on to the operating table and looked around at everything. Talk about an increase in your blood pressure! They don’t take long putting you out however once you’re in there.

After what felt like a minute asleep I heard my nurse talking to me. I don’t recall what she said exactly, just that she was going to take the tube out since I was breathing. Then, as they were wheeling me to the recovery room I heard her talking to the other nurse (another new one) saying “Oh, no, she’s a good patient. She always is. She’s training for a marathon!” Of course, I was so groggy I couldn’t really respond but in my mind I clearly said “How did you know that?” I’m pretty sure I didn’t tell her, unless she was questioning me after I was under! Plus, I’m training for a 1/2 not a full! Pfftt…not important. Ok, back to the story.

In recovery there was a guy, another patient, who would NOT shut up. His nurse kept telling him that he needed to be on voice rest. Voice rest = SHUT UP. He was driving me bonkers! Once I was pretty much awake and could take that first deep breath, I was ecstatic! My throat was raw, like I had been yelling and breathing in sandpaper all night. After a few minutes of making sure I could keep a normal conversation (didn’t go all loopy!) they took me back to my room and got Mike.

The doctors don’t ever come back to talk to the patient after surgery since most of the time the patient is still a bit out of it won’t remember the conversation, but he did talk to Mike. They didn’t need to use the laser, yay!! That’s progress, I think. Mike said Dr. D was able to open my throat up a lot bigger than it was before the surgery. I could definitely feel a difference in my breathing. Night and day!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel on our way home and I ate the blackberry pancakes. Eating was a little difficult and has been for the past couple of days, but I think it’ll get better. Once I got home, I slept and slept and slept! My sweet Ellie girl kept me company! I love my fur babies!

Today is three days out from surgery and I’m still a little groggy but I feel like I could run a 9 minute mile! Of course, I’m restricted from exercise and lifting until the Doc releases me. That’s driving me a little nuts since I feel like I should be doing some form of exercise. However, a week’s rest will do my body good.

I had to give away my spot in the 10 for Texas race on Saturday, which I’m a bit bummed about. Mike is still running it though, so I’ll be there to support my Love and my running group! Plus, next Saturday I have the 5K Foam Fest¬†with Amy! I’m really stoked about that one…and a little scared, truth be told!

I hope you’re all enjoying your Fall (even though it’s not really all that much cooler!) and living up every day to it’s fullest potential!

2 thoughts on “I Love the Smell of Oxygen

  1. Amy Parker

    I’m actually a little scared about the Foam5k as well. There’s only 1 wall (I believe) and that was really my biggest concern since I have NO upper body weight.

    I’m glad surgery went well. I can’t imagine having to have had that done multiple times. Hopefully this WILL be your last!!

    1. Tammy Post author

      In looking at their site, it looks like the walls aren’t flat but have some separation between the boards. If that’s the case, we’ll be fine because we can use our legs. However, if they’re flat…my butt isn’t getting over it with my upper body strength either!


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